3 awesome spots to dine in Los Cabos, Mexico

3 awesome spots to dine in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, Mexico is a very popular spot for vacationers looking for the perfect beach getaway — we haven’t been as yet, but we are dying to! And the dining scene is taking the hospitality and tourism industry by storm.

Ever since this sunny oasis realized its full agricultural potential, restaurant-business ventures have dedicated themselves towards creating the best local and organic dining experiences for tourists.

Visitors can savour local cuisines made from freshest fruits and vegetables. Below are the top three must-dine-at farm-to-table restaurants in Los Cabos:


Acre Los Cabos

Launched in 2015, and run by two Canadian businessmen— Cameron Watt and Stuart McPherson, Acre’s 25-acre property is one of the newest additions to the farm-to-table scene on the peninsula. Executive chefs Kevin Luzande and Oscar Torres have created a remarkable menu which features a wide-range of global cuisine with a Baja twist prepared exclusively with organic fruits and vegetables gathered from the garden and locally sourced meats and seafood. The stunningly sleek and modern design of the venue provides visitors with a welcoming ambience where they can relax and enjoy the serene eco-setting while eating their meal. Acre also has twelve tree-houses on-site where guests can choose to stay overnight and prolong their magical experience.

Flora’s Farm

Flora's Farm

Serving Los Cabos since 1996, Flora’s Farm is a ten-acre organic hot-spot where travelers can achieve the utmost authentic experience of the farm-to-table culture in the region. A one stop shop for everything fresh and natural, visitors can enjoy delicious seasonal dishes made from ingredients grown right in the backyard, listen to soulful live music, shop the farmers market and brush-up their cooking skills with exclusive cooking classes offered.

Huerto Los Tamarindos

Huerto Los Tamarindos

This treasured piece of farmland occupying 17-acres was originally a sugar cane growing field until late 2003. Chef Enrique Silva and his business partner Fernando Hernandez have revamped the land and transformed it into a restaurant with an open outdoor kitchen, cooking school and event space. The seasonally revised menu written on a black chalkboard incorporates traditional recipes and original cooking techniques put in effect by Chef Silva.


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