Get The Look: Susan Kelechi’s bobfro at the 2018 Annual Golden Globes

Susan Kelechi's bobfro at the 2018 Annual Golden Globes

We are huge fans of the hit TV series This Is Us, are you? One of our favourite characters is Beth Pearson, played by Susan Kelechi.

Last night at the 2018 Golden Globes, the actress rocked a stylin’ “bobfro” with assistance from stylist Vernon Franois and some of his hair products. Here’s how you can get this look at home…

The Inspiration

Clean and structured with a touch of sass.
Susan Kelechi's bobfro at the 2018 Annual Golden Globes

The Hair Breakdown

To recreate Susans bobfro, start by prepping the scalp with the SCALP NOURISH~MENT Braids and Loc Spray followed by the LEAVE~IN Conditioner from root to ends for a dose of hydration and protection.

Part and section the hair and create two strand twists and then set under a diffuser or hood dryer. Next, split & separate the twists, concentrating on the bottom to reveal carefree body & volume.

To complete the look, pin the sides to hold the hair in place & top off with the DAZZ~LING Spritz Shine Spray for a touch of shimmer.

What do you think about Susan Kelechi’s bobfro? Will you recreate it at home?

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