Was I able to improve my double chin with Belkyra? Part 2

Was I able to improve my double chin with Belkyra? Part 2

Last week, I shared my chin goal: to have a gorgeous jawline like the stunning Cate Blanchett. And to achieve said goal, I tried one treatment of BELKYRA—a non-surgical injectable treatment, specifically designed to improve the appearance of moderate to severe amounts of fat under the chin.

Did it work? Read on to find out…

On April 27, 2016, I met with Dr. Shannon Humphrey to share my personal appearance woes—we kept it to just my chin or else I would have been there ALL. DAY. LONG!


Yes, it was agreed that I did have quite a bit of fat in my jawline and chin area, and even with losing weight, this stubborn fat would still persist—thanks, mostly, to genetics.

After sharing what BELKYRA is and how it works, I was shown before and after images (truly incredible results!) and told of the side effects. Yes, there are side effects, but nothing too terrible.

Was I able to improve my double chin with Belkyra?

As the BELKYRA treatment can be uncomfortable—you are having needles injected into your chin and neck—I was offered Lidocaine to numb the area, which I said yes to. Next, Dr. Humphrey “mapped” out the injection site: a triangular-shaped piece of temporary ink paper applied to my double chin. This stencil has upwards of 50 mini coloured dots that act as the “targets” for the needle. And yes, if necessary, the doctor may use every single “target” in a session.


And then the injections began.

I’d like to say that, like with Botox, you don’t really feel anything, but I would be lying to you. It hurts. Quite a lot. There’s an intense stinging that occurs when the deoxycholic acid is released into the fat.

Dr. Humphrey and her nurse were so kind and awesome, and kept chatting to me and telling me how far through the treatment we were. At one point, I did ask how much more we were doing as I wasn’t sure I could continue. I was asked if I wanted to stop right then, but I said to keep going. And it was only a few minutes later that the last needle was injected.

Now to explain the side effects.

Allergan Canada states that “the most common side effects observed in clinical studies are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness and formation of areas of hardness in the treatment area.” All of these are temporary, but they do happen to almost everyone.

Was I able to improve my double chin with Belkyra? Part 2

As with many patients, I had immediate bruising and swelling, even though I iced the area straight away, and for several days afterwards. And by swelling, to say that I looked like a bullfrog would be more accurate.

Was I able to improve my double chin with Belkyra? Part 2

I wish that I had done more research before booking my treatment date. I was unaware, until I spoke with Dr. Humphrey, that my swelling would be so noticeable. And I was hosting my wedding anniversary party THREE DAYS LATER!

With the use of make-up (to hide bruising) and a scarf, I was able to, somewhat, hide my wobbly neck. And after approximately two weeks, the bruising subsided and the swelling was less apparent.

One side effect that I found quite strange was the numbness I felt from the point of my chin to half way down my neck. Washing my face each day felt weird—I really had no sensation in my neck. And when I went for my regular dermaplaning appointment (facial hair and dead skin cells are gently removed using a medical instrument), I could hear the instrument scraping against my neck, but couldn’t feel a thing! The numbness subsided around the five week mark.

After four weeks I revisited the offices of Carruthers & Humphrey for my midway photo and a check-up (all good!), and then I was back again at 16 weeks for my final photo—this was a longer than normal due to my work schedule (don’t you just love the hairnet?!).

LM side profile BA 1

So, was I able to improve my double chin with BELKYRA?

When I first looked at the before and after photos, I could not see a difference and was disappointed. But then I noticed that there did seem to be some improvement, especially in “bulk fat” around my jawline. Yes, there was a slight improvement, but no, I did not look like Cate.

To be fair, I was advised by Dr. Humphrey in our first meeting, and had also read, that for the best results, one should have up to six BELKYRA treatments, so I should have not had such unrealistic expectations.

Will I have another treatment? Perhaps in the future. At the current time, I can’t. In addition to working tirelessly on articles for you, dear readers, I am an “extra” on TV series and movies, so cannot afford any downtime. I will, however, see the lovely Dr. Humphrey for other non-surgical procedures, as I appreciate her intelligent, kind and honest demeanor.

The best advice that I can share with you is to do lots of research before undergoing any type of procedure, choose an excellent doctor that you can trust and feel comfortable working with, and be realistic with your expectations—results don’t (sadly) happen overnight.

Have any of you tried BELKYRA (or KYBELLA in the U.S.)? If so, what were your results like?

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  • Thanks for this honest review. I’ve been researching all the various non-surgical fat removing procedures for my chin. One day I’m sold by belkyra other days I think cool sculpting is the one for me, and other days I’m like lipo is probably the best option. Good reminder about having real expectations and being prepared to wait to see the results.

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