Dior’s Enchanted Factory

Dior Enchanted Factory
Lesley Mirza
Written by Lesley Mirza

Dior’s Enchanted Factory…

On a magical Christmas night, the best-kept manufacturing secrets are revealed. A choreographic rapture in which, as always at Dior, everything stems from flowers. Animated by on-going movement, the iconic bottles of J’adore, Miss Dior and Dior Homme seem to come to life before our very eyes. Nail varnishes rush down an enchanted Big Dipper, bottles jostle each other on the assembly line, Rouge Dior lipsticks glide along conveyor belts and Dior Prestige whirls around, looping frenzied loops.

A clockwork dream, illuminated with gold and magic. Dior know-how comes to life in a joyful dance, and reaches its radiant apotheosis above the roofs of 30 avenue Montaigne. The final firework rains down a magical golden shower of J’adore bottles. Dior, the dream-maker…Life is gold.

This is a factory that I would love to sneak into!

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Lesley Mirza

Lesley Mirza

Lesley Mirza is the editor-in-chief for and travels the world tasting, sipping, and spa-ing.

In addition to heading up, Lesley has penned pieces for several publications, including Vancouver Magazine, Western Living,, (Tourism Vancouver's blog), and

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