Why You’ll Want to Switch to Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads

Lesley Mirza
Written by Lesley Mirza

“That” time of the month is a real pain in the va-jay-jay … literally. We poor gals have to deal with “Aunt Flo” each and every month, and it never gets any easier.

I don’t know about you, but I never like to put my full faith in the absorbency of tampons. Oh no. I always like to have a safety net, or shall we say, a safety pad, for when those unexpected mishaps occur.

Pads can sometimes feel as if you’re wearing a baby’s diaper: bulky and kind of uncomfortable — not that I’ve ever worn a diaper. And if you try using a super-thin one, they tend to not do a very good job of absorbing and keeping you dry, during “the curse”. So, what’s a gal to do?

The folks at Stayfree recently contacted me regarding their Stayfree Ultra Thin pads, with Thermocontrol technology and a Flexible-Fit designThey shared that these pads offer a unique combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body throughout the day — not bunch up like my current brand. They are inspired by high performance athletic fabrics and promise to keep you dry with exceptional protection and comfort.

Stayfree even went on to imply that they believe that their pads are the best. I wasn’t buying it, and was going to have to find out for myself. So, I was invited to take the Stayfree Challenge and put their pads to the test against similar products (and find out for myself if they were the best on the market). Here is how the challenge went and how Stayfree Ultra Thin pads stacked up.

Stayfree challenge kit

In my challenge tool kit, I received:
– Three bottles with 5ml of blue saline liquid in each
– Three five pound weights (great for working out with afterwards!)
– Three blotting sheets
– A package of Stayfree Ultra Thin pads
– Bags containing two competitive ultra thin pads brands
– A placement sheet, indicating where each pad is to be place for the test

Stayfree challenge kit 2

Step 1: Attach pads to the Stayfree Challenge sheet

Stayfree challenge

Step 2: Pour 5ml of liquid onto the center of each pad

Stayfree challenge

Stayfree Challenge

Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds to let that lovely blue liquid absorb into the three pads

Step 4: Place a blotting sheet on the center of each pad

Stayfree Challenge

Step 5: Place a 5lb weight on the top of the blotting sheet on each pad

Stayfree Challenge

Step 6: Wait for five seconds

Step 7: Remove the weights to reveal the results!

stayfree challenge

Okay, I was impressed. The Stayfree Ultra Thin pads totally absorbed the liquid, leaving the blotting paper free of wetness, unlike the other two pads.

Stayfree Challenge

I know which pads I want to have protecting me when the “painters are in.” What about you?

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