5 Ways To Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

Karen Kwan
Written by Karen Kwan

Hold up, PMS doesn’t exist? That’s what researchers say in a study published in the journal Gender Medicine. They reviewed 47 studies and found that there was little evidence with regards to mood swings and crankiness being linked to PMS. As for the physical symptoms, such as cramping and bloating, well, those symptoms aren’t being dismissed. So to help you make it through that time of the month more comfortably, we looked into a few ways to ease your PMS discomfort.

Say “om”

If all you tend to do in that week before you get your period is lie on the couch and catch up on American Horror Story, it’s time to change up your routine and include some yoga in your routine (or whatever your workout of choice is!). Getting up and moving will get your blood pumping and the boost in circulation will help relieve bloating. Also, the deep breathing can help ease cramping.

Get your abs worked on

Book an appointment for an abdominal massage (or as that your belly be included as part of your full-body massage). A light massage of the abdominal area helps to boost circulation and lymphatic flow, which will help relieve fluid retention (aka bloating).

Eat B-rich foods

A diet rich in vitamin B may help relieve some of your symptoms. But get them through your diet (not supplements) and don’t wait til you’re experiencing PMS; just ensure your diet is rich in B vitamins, which help prevent PMS because they help synthesize neurotransmitters. How to make sure you’re getting good sources of B vitamins? Some foods that include the types of B vitamins you need are eggs, spinach, almonds and dairy products.

Cut your salt intake

This is common sense, ladies. If it’s bloating and fluid retention you suffer from, you should avoid salt, which only helps your body bloat up more. Packaged, processed foods are often high in salt, so focus on eating fresh foods made from scratch.

Soak your symptoms away

Taking a soothing bath may help, so make like you’re the lead in a chick flick and take a soak in a bath with your favourite bubble bath. Some relaxed breathing and the time to decompress will help you relax your tense muscles, which can help ease the pain of cramps.

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