Think Pink: 3 Healthy Habits For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

3 Healthy Habits For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Karen Kwan
Written by Karen Kwan

Does October have you thinking about Thanksgiving and Halloween? What’s top of mind for us this month are all things pink. October as you probably know, is breast cancer awareness month. Pick up a pink breast cancer awareness product or two this month, and take part in an event, such as running in fundraiser — volunteer or do a charity run (check here for a few words of advice if you’re new to running), attending Boobyball if you’re in Toronto or Calgary, or pledging a friend who is fundraising (perhaps they just ran CIBC Run for the Cure this past weekend — it’s not too late to pledge them!) to help fund essential research.

And while you’re at it, learn more about some recent research right here — here’s some of the latest findings that might motivate you to change some of your lifestyle habits.

Shed the extra weight

New research published in the journal Cancer has shown that if you’re overweight or obese, you’re more likely to have a recurrence of breast cancer. The researchers think this may be due to excess body fat causing hormonal changes and inflammation in the body, which could lead to the spread of cancer cells and recurrence. Interestingly, the findings held true regardless of the type of treatment the patients had received.

Steer clear of fatty foods

Another good reason to focus on losing weight? Your healthier diet, especially during pregnancy, may lower the risk of your offspring from developing breast cancer. A study conducted on mice at Georgetown University found that eating fatty foods when expecting can increase not only your daughter’s risk, but also your grandaughter’s.

Focus on keeping fit

Regular exercise — that is, between 10 and 19 hours of leisurely exercise weekly — is linked to a 30 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer, says research published in the journal Cancer. Keep in mind, too, that this includes mild physical activity (so by all means join Spin, triathlon training or or Crossfit if you’d like to, or just maintain a lower intensity regimen–walking your dog more often and practicing restorative yoga, for example).

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