5 Simple Ways To Burn More Calories

Karen Kwan
Written by Karen Kwan

Sure, you can torch hundreds of calories in a super sweaty Spin class, but you can also benefit from burning calories in small amounts but in ways you can easily — and perhaps even more happily — than you would in a hardcore exercise class. Sneak in some of these habits and over time, the numbers will add up.

5 Simple Ways To Burn More Calories

Have a giggle fest

Hang out with your best friend who never fails to get you howling with laughter. Rent a Will Ferrell movie or watch Bridesmaids again. It depends on your weight and how hard you’re laughing, but laughing for 15 minutes daily can burn anywhere from 10 to 40 calories.

Get some action

Put on some Barry White, enjoy¬†some oysters, or just jump right into the sack if you don’t need any of those things to get you in the mood. Having sex for half an hour burns 90 calories. Got an enthusiastic partner? Sex once daily will burn 630 calories. Really want to ramp things up? Look for more active ways to get hot and heavy when it comes to your positions.

Be that fidgety person

Long periods of inactivity is extremely unhealthy for your body. In other words, all of those hours you spend at your desk in the office could slowly be killing you, research has shown. So take that conference call pacing around in your cubicle; get up and go to the cafeteria to get your own tea rather than having a coworker pick it up for you; head to that ladies room down the hall rather than the one right by your cubicle area for those few extra steps. At home, when catching up on your must-see TV, use the commercial breaks as your two or three minute break to fit in holding plank, or doing as many crunches or pushups as you can.

Stand up

Let the other commuters park themselves down on the subway and feel virtuous knowing that your standing will help you burn about 40 more calories an hour than sitting down. So the next time you’re impatiently standing in line at the post office, consider it your easiest workout and you may find the wait more tolerable.

Dance it off when doing housework

You ever watch those chick flicks and wonder who in real life dances around when cooking or doing the dishes or vacuuming? Well, make that person you! Blast that Carly Rae Jepsen and make like you’re starring in your very own chick flick. Better yet, throw in some vocals, too. Singing burns more calories than, well, not singing so belt it out, lady!

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