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Amanpreet Dhami
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Although we’d love it if we could always prevent sun-damaged hair in the summer months, sometimes we’re not that lucky. Chances are you enjoyed a beach vacation full of sun-filled activity, or since you spend most of your time outdoors, your hair took a brutal beating from the sun’s UV rays. Translation: Your straw-like hair needs a little TLC. Stat. Eric Del Monaco, L’Oreal Paris Official Hair Artist and Colourist, shares with us the four steps you’ll need to recover your beach-fried hair. Say buh-bye to damaged hair and hello to healthy, shiny and luscious locks.

Step 1: Stay off the Heat Styling

Keep the stress on your hair to a minimum, “if hair is damaged then you should give it a rest from heat styling and products for at least a couple of days – depending on the level of damage.” Heat styling plays with the integrity of your hair and if it is already not 100% the fried hair will simply end up more damaged. When the sun fries hair no amount of styling can make it look better. The best thing is to keep things natural.

Step 2: Consult a Professional

“The absolute first thing you need to do is visit with your hairstylist to get a professional opinion on what needs to be done to restore its overall health,” says Del Monaco. “Regular visits to your hairstylist are important as they can also determine the health of your hair and make recommendations on any changes you may need to make to your hair care regimen and styling practices” to limit any damage from occurring in the first place.

Step 3: Ensure your hair routine suits your hair type

If you have minimal damage as mentioned before its time to assess if you hair care regimen suits your lifestyle and hair type. For example, advises Del Monaco “If you are active and participate in a lot of sports and perspire then it is important to shampoo, condition and treat hair on a regular basis – even every other day. But, if you are less active and have long hair and tend to have a dry scalp then only wash and condition your hair two to three times week.” The exact regimen depends on the person. A quick pick me up is also a reformative hair mask that can do wonders for your scalp and withered hair.

Try: Redken Color Extend After Sun Mask, ($21 CDN), L’Oréal Hair Expertise Re-Nutrition Nourishing Mask, ($6.99)

Step 4: Have Fun with Summer Styles

Until your hair gets back to its normal healthy state its time to have fun and play with laid back summer styles. For Del Monaco, “Some hot hairstyles for summer that are celebrity inspired, right off the recent Red Carpet of the Cannes International Film Festival and MET Gala –and, don’t require a lot of effort include:

• Highly Texturised Updos
Use the natural wave in your hair to create a loose chignon and lets wispy tendrils fall loose for a laid book look. Great for day and night looks.

• Wavy Beach Tousled Hair
Air dry hair and let your natural wave come out, simply spritz with a bit of hairspray and go boho chic for the summer months to keep hair intact.

• The Perfect Pony
Sport a modern ponytail by loosely pulling but still keeping a lot of movement. Make hair slicker by the hairline by applying a smoothing serum with your fingers. Be sure not to pull hair back too tight as damaged hair breaks more easily with the use of tight elastic bands.

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