MAC Archie’s Girls: Betty and Veronica Get Their Own Makeup Collection

Lesley Mirza
Written by Lesley Mirza

We were HUGE fans of the Archie Comics, especially Betty and Veronica, in the (ahem) 1970s. We would beg our mother to buy us a comic each time we visited our local grocery store. And, we so wanted to be Betty Cooper, with her long golden locks and big blue eyes.

Now we can relive our youth and our love for Archie and his gal pals with the upcoming launch of MAC Cosmetics’ full-colour cosmetics collection, MAC Archie’s Girls. In collaboration with Archie Comics, this collection will celebrate the iconic looks of Betty and Veronica. We can’t wait to see the products and the packaging!

While the lineup won’t be in stores until Spring 2013, MAC Cosmetics will be promoting Archie’s Girls at its San Diego Gaslamp store in conjunction with the kickoff of Comic-Con. Celebrated American comic book artist and illustrator, Dan Parent of the famed Archie Comics series will be there too!

Were you an Archie Comic fan as a kid?
Did you prefer Betty or Veronica?
And will you be buying this collection?

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