Harley Pasternak Shares 3 Tips To Getting That Celeb Body

Lesley Mirza
Written by Lesley Mirza

C’mon, admit it: when you see celebrities with their super-toned bodies, you think:

(1) They have the time and resources so they can work out all the time.
(2) It’s their job to look good.

But Harley Pasternak, the fitness guru behind some of Hollywood’s best bodies including Rihanna and Megan Fox, disputes this (somewhat). “Celebrities often have less time to work out than others. They’re often on set shooting for 12 to 14 hours a day,” he says. He does agree, though, that their motivation is different in that their income is based on their image. However, that doesn’t mean getting that celebrity body isn’t attainable to the average girl; Pasternak says it’s even more accessible given your lifestyle and schedule. His top three tips to getting as lean and tone as his star-studded, super-fit client list:

Walk. And then walk some more

“Get a pair of shoes, and a pedometer if you’d like, and walk as much as you possibly can. Park your car further away from your destination. Get off the bus early so you can more walking done. Studies show that when you’re active throughout the day, you burn more calories and live longer,” he says. Rather than be sedentary all day, and then going to an intense exercise class for an hour, it’s more beneficial if you keep moving all day, he says. Also, Pasternak points out that when you work out in a vigorous class such as Spinning, your appetite will increase greatly and you may be tempted to consume more calories than you burned in your class.

Eat every two hours

Keep your body well fueled. “Graze throughout the day—every two hours—and make sure you’re eating a well balanced diet with enough protein and fibre,” he says.

Focus on resistance training

To keep your body toned and tight, you have to include resistance training, says Pasternak. “I’ll take 15 minutes of resistance training over a 30-minute run any day,” he says. Why? “Resistance training doesn’t burn as many calories per minute, but it raises your body’s resting metabolic rate,” he says. Rather than burning acute calories (ie. elevating the number of calories you burn while doing your activity), it elevates your metabolism for as long as one to three days following your workout.

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