Bridal Beauty Part 3: Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Amanpreet Dhami
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No one wants to steal the bride’s thunder, but if you are wearing that frumpy bridesmaid’s dress you want to make sure your hair makes up for it. We talked to Kavita Suri, top Toronto bridal makeup and hair artist, and Isabelle Faure, göt2b stylist and finalist on Canada’s Best Beauty Talent about the four best hair trends for bridesmaids this wedding season. (And if you are looking for bridal makeup trends we can also help you.)

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle as a bridesmaid, there are two rules to keep in mind:

RULE 1: “Bridesmaids are like to accessories for the bride”, says Suri, “the last thing you want to do is outdo the bride!”

RULE 2: “Make sure your hairstyle doesn’t clash with the bridal party’s general look,” adds Faure.

Silent Film Star

For the fashion forward, party-loving bridesmaid

Silent Film Star

Inspired by “The Artist,” this side-parted, sleek and shiny style channels the 1920’s old Hollywood aesthetic, while echoing the runway wet look,” says Faure. This timeless style works with all hair lengths.

How to: Begin by making a dramatic side part with a fine-toothed comb. Work plenty of shiny gel and pomade into your hair from roots to tips. If you have short hair, tuck it behind your ears. But if your locks are longer, tuck them into a low chignon.

Try: Marc Anthony Moisture Gloss, $9.99, göt2b Defiant Pommade $6.99, göt2b Rockin’it Gel $6.99.

Romantic Plaits

For the chic and elegant maid of honour

Romantic Plaits

“Women have been beautifying themselves with braids for over 2000 years,” says Faure. Make your braid “soft and touchable with tendrils falling.” Create a simple French braid to look more put together. Or add a few decorative braids to plenty of loose waves.

How to: When making a French braid, pin as you go and tie the ends with elastic bands the same colour as your hair. If creating a decorative braid, embellish your crown with a “braid headband.” Secure with a bobby pin behind the ear.

Try: Goody Colour Collection Ouchless Bobby Pins, $5.09 for 50, Goody Colour Collection Ouchless Elastics, $3.59 for 10, Göt2b Fat-tastic Thickening Mousse $6.99.

Bohemian Waves

For the laid back hipster bridesmaid

Bohemian Waves

Taylor Swift soft curls are one of the most common styles bridesmaids request from Suri. An ideal style for a humid summer wedding.

How to: Section blown out hair for easier styling and prep hair with thermal hair spray. Curl the hair with a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron and finish off the hair by working in curl control cream throughout. Finally spray extra hold hairspray for all day wear.

Try: Herbal Essences Set Me Up Heat Protection Spray, $4.99; Kerestase Chroma Senstive Fixing Hair Spray, $35, Sally Hershberger Curvaceous Elasto-Curl Treatment, $12.99.

Va Va Volume

For the classy but helpful bridesmaid

Va Va Volume

For Suri subtle hair is the perfect way for any bridesmaid to make impact: “Your hair can be worn out in a voluminous blow out with a cute accessory.” Choose an accessory that suits your personal style.

How-to: Prep hair while damp with root lift spray and full body serum. Finger blow out hair until it’s almost dry focusing on the roots. Then section hair off and use a round brush to blow out the hair to get the perfect voluminous blow dry. Lightly mist with hairspray.

Try: L’Oréal Volume Collagen Body Boost Root Lifting Spray, $6.99; Goody GLAM Obre Rose Salon Clip, $5.99; Alcove Shaping and Finishing Spray, $13.

Images: main: David’s Bridal; Silent Film Star:; Romantic Plaits:; Va Va Volume: Marc Anthony

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