Bridal Beauty Part 1: How to Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Amanpreet Dhami
Written by Amanpreet Dhami

It’s a few weeks after your fiancée proposed, your diamond ring is glistening in the sun. Everything seems perfect…

…except bride-to-be syndrome has already kicked in. With ideas brimming about the venue and the perfect wedding dress, you haven’t yet given any thought to your bridal makeup artist.

Bahar Niramwalla, Toronto based beauty expert and makeup artist gives tips on how to choose your bridal makeup artist to avoid disappointment.

But choosing a MUA is just the first step, check back over the next couple of weeks for the latest bridal beauty trends so you can pick the perfect makeup look for you.

Cost isn’t everything

The first step to choosing a makeup artist is establishing your needs and budget. “Rates take into consideration travel time, costs, product usage and the number of people in a bridal party,” says Niramwalla. “Less expensive isn’t always the better deal, and neither is paying the big-big bucks. More money could mean you are paying for a big name as opposed to friendly demeanor, great work and professionalism.” Always weigh the cost in relation to the quality of the work.

Research and referrals

“Almost every makeup artist that does bridal work has a site with contact info, rates and an online portfolio” to give you an idea of their ability. But most reliable are unbiased referrals. “Referrals speak volumes of how great their work is and also how they are able to meet client expectations,” says Niramwalla.

Get a makeup trial

Once you’ve narrowed your choices book a makeup trial. “Trials, are ALWAYS a good idea.” You get to meet the individual and experience their work first hand. After all, “you need to be comfortable enough to speak up if you don’t like something that’s being done to your face.”

On your visit take inspiration photos, but also “bring in a picture (or two) of what you DO NOT want to look like.” This way your MUA will know what makeup looks to avoid. Share details like the wedding theme, dress style or if the venue is outdoors. The more the artist knows, the better.

Post trial, take a close look at your face to see how the makeup wears on your skin. Does the makeup last or fade away a few hours later? Do you love how you look and feel?

Make a decision

You’re left stumped between two makeup artists. There isn’t an exact science to making a decision, so weigh out the pros and cons of each. A bonus to add to the pro list, which is quite common, is if the artist can also do your hair on the wedding day. But Niramwalla shares tell tale signs of a “flop” artist:

• You brought pictures of what you like to your trial and the MUA ignored them.
• The MUA forgot to ask you if you had allergies before putting anything on your face.
• The makeup application caused you physical discomfort.

Overall, whatever choice you make, always trust yourself. You know what you want for your big day and this is only one of the many decisions ahead of you.


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