Schick Hydro Silk Razor Tester Program: Our Readers’ Results



Recently we reached out to our beauty-savvy Lipstick Powder N Paint readers, asking them to try out the new Schick Hydro Silk™ razor and provide their feedback.

Our Editor, Lesley Ellen Mirza, also test-drove the razor to rid herself of unwanted fuzz.

“My name is Lesley and I have a shaving problem. My problem? I hardly ever shave.

Ok, I know that sounds gross. And yes, I am a tad furry during the winter months – please don’t ask me to pull up my pant legs in public – but shaving usually leaves my overly-sensitive skin sore, raw and itchy. Truth.

I was skeptical when asked to try the Schick Hydro Silk™ razor, but as a beauty editor, I’ve gotta take one for the team.

I found the design of the handle excellent: it was comfortable to hold and felt very secure in my hand. The five (yes, five) blades provided me with a super-close shave – and the Hubster appreciates that. *grin* But what I really found appealing was that my legs felt softer and actually hydrated after shaving (that’s cause of the water-activated moisturizing serum). And I had no irritation post-shaving. Love it! Yup, I would definitely recommend this razor.”

So, you’ve read what our Editor thought about this razor, but what about our 25 testers? Keep reading to see their honest feedback.

    Our testers were asked to rate the following product traits, using the scale shown below.

    Closeness of shave
    Excellent = 65% Good = 22% Neutral = 4% OK= 0% Not very good = 9%

    Shaving comfort
    Excellent = 57% Good = 30% Neutral = 4% OK= 4% Not very good = 4%

    Skin hydration (post shave)
    Excellent = 30% Good = 52% Neutral = 13% OK= 4% Not very good = 0%

    Design of the razor
    Excellent = 52% Good = 35% Neutral = 4% OK= 9% Not very good = 0%

    “I love the design and the comfort of the shave. I found the closeness of the shave to be above normal (or what I’m used too anyway)” Anne T.

    “Like the shape.” Melinda C.

    “Smoothest shave I have ever experienced.” Samantha B.

    “Difficult to shave around knee area.” Lisa M.

    “At first the shape of the razor felt a bit awkward but once I used it a couple of times I really liked it.” Tina V.

      What did you think about the Schick Hydro Silk razor?

      Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

      “I loved it. The design was perfect and I love that it has 5 blades so you only need to shave once not go over certain spots again.” Alexa A.

      “It was great. It gives a quick shave which a stay at home Mom really needs!” Stephanie F.

      “It left my legs nice and smooth. My legs didn’t feel dry afterward but also didn’t feel super hydrated. I liked this razor. The handle was really comfortable and I felt that it handled curves and contours well. I would use this razor again in the future.” Roseline T.

      “I really liked the feel of the razor while using it, I thought it did a really good shave. However, the hair growth back was really itchy and uncomfortable but I’m not entirely sure that was an issue with the razor, it may just be my skin. Overall, I was really happy with it!” Shayna A.

      “I really love this razor. I suffer from arhtritis in my hands and really found the ergonomic design of the handle and the material it was made of to be very comfortable for me to use. I thank Schick for that!” Anne T.

      “After years of shaving and always having terrible irritation afterwards I’m happy. This product is awesome and I’m super happy, I especially like the grip and how easily it swivels to go over my knees and such.” Melinda A.

      “I don’t know if I did something wrong, but this shaver was very “slimey” and did not give a good close shave. I typically leave my razor in the shower and after the first time I used it the moisturizing cream became so thick that I could not shave with it. I tried and tried to rinse it all off but it was very gummy and I was not able to. I think without this cream that I could have had a good shave. I love the idea of the 5 blades, but do not like the moisturizing cream whatsoever.” Peggy B.

      “I love how close the shave was and how much longer my legs stayed smooth. The little gel dots on the razor made for an even better experience. The only improvement I can think of would be the flexibilty of the head. The razor’s “head” doesn’t move or swivel much which can be difficult for tricky areas like the bikini line.” Samantha B.

      “I found the razor to be on par with other razors that I have used. However, I did not find it produced a very close shave. I can still feel some stubble on my legs directly after using the razor. I did find that the design of the razor made it easy to use and control and that my skin was moisturized and remained moisturized after shaving.” Kimberley W.

        How likely are you to continue using the Schick Hydro Silk razor?

        Very likely = 57%
        Somewhat likely = 30%
        Neutral = 0%
        Somewhat unlikely = 9%
        Very unlikely = 4%

        Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

        “I will continue using it until the blades are to dull.” Alexa A.

        “I will definitely purchase this razor in the future.” Anne T.

        “It was a great razor!” Stefanie A.

        “It depends on how much the blades cost.” Jenn M.

        “Will definitely use in the future.” Lisa M.

        “I liked the design of the razor but I would prefer if it gave me a closer shave.” Kimberley W.

        “Not sure if this razor has any advantage over any others that I’ve tried.” Lisa W.

        “I liked this razor for my legs but I would rather have a razor that can get every shaving job I have done.” Rebecca B.

        “I really did like this razor but for me the bottom line is the cost. So I hope to find this razor competitive to the razors I use now.” Tina V.

          How likely is it that you will recommend the Schick Hydro Silk razor to a friend or colleague?

          Very likely = 65%
          Somewhat likely = 22%
          Neutral = 0%
          Somewhat unlikely = 4%
          Very unlikely = 9%

          Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

          “I’ve already recommended this razor to my adult daughters and a few friends.” Anne T.

          “I think all my friends will feel the same! So for sure I’d recommend it.” Stefanie A.

          “My experience with the razor was not good. I have been shaving for a very long time and this is the first time I have instantly disliked a razor.” Peggy B.

          “They too will become hooked!” Leigh W.

          “I will recommend it to friends and family. Hopefully it will be priced well. Many in my family go for the one that is the best price.” Lisa M.

          “I would recommend this for some one who had dry skin and needed more moisturizing on the skin.” Kimberley W.

          “I will recommend it to my friends.” Mei Ling L.

          “Not too often razor talk comes into conversations but you never know.” Tina V.

            The Schick Hydro Silk razor retails for $13.99. How do you feel about the price?

            Great price = 0%
            Neutral = 48%
            Too expensive = 48%
            Other = 9%

            Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

            “A bit pricey but worth it.” Leigh W.

            “Well worth the price to me!” Anne T.

            “I’m not too sure I would want to spend this much for this razor. I am very cost conscious and this is higher than what I usually spend.” Roseline T.

            “I think this set price is about the same as the Venus razors. So it is on par, but I think it is a bit expensive for something that requires replacement blades on a regular basis.” Kimberley W.

            “Although it is better then other razors I have used, I can get something similar for a cheaper price. The price is on the high end compared to other similar razors.” Alexa A.

              What do you think about the results these testers shared? Have you tried this product? Do you agree with them? We want to know. Feel free to leave a comment.

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