Work Those Tips: Say goodbye to chipped and brittle winter nails in time for spring

Amanpreet Dhami
Written by Amanpreet Dhami

The dry winter air can do a number on your nails. Say goodbye to chipped and brittle nails in time for spring.

Melissa Forrest, manicurist and nail artist of Tips Nail Bar, shares pro nail care tips so you’ll sport a healthy, perfect ten! “Healthy nails average about 16% water content, so insufficient moisture causes brittle, split, and cracked nails, ” says Forrest.

Prevent breakage and restore moisture throughout the winter with these simple tips for your nails:

1. Moisturize your hands and nails frequently to prevent cracking. Keep a small tube of moisturizer in your purse along with a cuticle moisturizer – “Consider it as important as carrying your favourite tube of lipstick,” advises Melissa. Try CND’s SOLAROIL.

2. Keep nail edges smooth and avoid catches with a fine grit nail file. Your nails will break less if you file them every day and keep them trimmed to a reasonable length.

3. Always wear gloves when doing the dishes or handling chemical cleaners. When nails get exposed to excess water, the keratin that acts like glue and holds the top layer of the nail together begins to break down, making nails soft and weak.

4. Wear a pair of warm protective gloves whenever you go outside. Don’t underestimate the affects of cold air on your hands.

5. Schedule regular manicures to keep nails groomed and promote nail growth. This is just as important as getting regular haircuts at the salon.

6. Maintain a strong nail bed by taking biotin and zinc, both can be purchased at a health food store.

7. Look for moisturizers with essential ingredients to strengthen nails. Check the label for the following:

– Proteins help strengthen cells in the nail plate, making your nails more resistant to splitting and cracking. Look for: collagen and keratin.

– Humectants help trap moisture into the nail plate. Look for: urea, glycerin, propylene glycol, alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acids), and phospholids.

Editor hand cream recommendations: Vichy Nutriextra Nutri-Repair Hand Cream, Ureaka! Healing Hand Cream, Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, and Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix.

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