Get The Look: Rose Byrne at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Get The Look: Rose Byrne at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Have you seen the show Damages? We just started watching it the other week, and WOW. Addicted! We saw all of season 1 over three evenings! Needless to say, we were exhausted for the rest of the week and got nothing accomplished, but it was kinda worth it. Now we’re pacing ourselves while watching season 2.

Ok, we were so sad to see that Rose had chopped her hair. Though it is super-shiney and perfectly coiffed, we LOVED her long locks and wonder if this new ‘do is a mistake. What do you think?

What really caught our attention was her gorgeous beauty look of dewy skin, rosy pink cheeks and matching lips. And, we were thrilled to hear that it was created by Canadian make-up artist, Hung Vanngo, using a Canadian brand, Joe Fresh Beauty. We are huge fans of this beauty brand and have several products in our makeup bag.

Here are the steps Vanngo used to create Rose’s red carpet look:

1. I prepped Rose’s skin with La Mer Moisturizing Lotion, La Mer Eye Balm, and La Mer Lip Balm. Rose has really beautiful skin, so after prepping, I only applied very little of Joe Fresh Primer, Joe Fresh Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque and Joe Fresh Duo Concealer in Light.

2. For the eyes, I used Joe Fresh Eyeliner Pencil in Charcoal along the upper and lower lash lines, more intense on the upper lash line, then blended really well.

3. After that I applied 2 Cream Eyeshadows, Joe Fresh cream shadows in Cactus and Playa. I used Playa all over upper lids and lower lids , then Cactus for inner corner of the eyes, blending well toward the other cream shadow.

4. After that, I used same Eyeliner Pencil to rim the inner of her eyes to add more depth on the eyes.

5. Finally, two coats of Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara in Black on both upper and lower lashes.

6. I used a beautiful Joe Fresh Cream Blush in Rose to give some colors on her cheeks, and set them with Joe Fresh Powder Blush in Rosette.

7. Then I added Joe Fresh Highlighter on top of cheekbones, top of nose, and forehead to make the skin look extra luminous and to add more dimension to the face.

8. For the lips, I used Joe Fresh lip liner in Cinnamon and Joe Fresh lip gloss in Chai.

9. To finish, I used Joe Fresh Translucent Loose Powder mainly on the t-zone to set her makeup.

What do you think about this beauty look?

Do prefer Rose with this sleek new bob or her long locks from before?

Have you used Joe Fresh Beauty before, and if so, what do you think about them?

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