Two Get-Fit Motivation Strategies For 2012

Get-Fit Motivation Strategies For 2012

By Karen Kwan

No ifs, ands or buts about it—you will get fit this year. That active gear you bought last year looks pretty darn fresh and new, but not for long. Because you are going to try a different approach to help you stick to your fitness goals. Here are two strategies to help you make this the year you get that tone, healthy body you want.

Incorporate travel with your fitness. If you love to jet set around the world, include that as part of your plan. Train for a marathon and make your goal race on another continent. Or pick up an activity that calls for getting on a plane or train – say rock climbing or surfing (and in the meantime, crosstrain at home so you’re prepared for your excursion and activity). Book a yoga retreat with some friends in a faraway town you’ve always wanted to visit. Your excitement for the upcoming trip will be your motivator to get into shape. Also, consider the added pressure of already having shelled out the money for your trip as an extra push to getting you to make every scheduled workout.

Try solo and group workouts—and discover new motivations. You probably have a sense of what you think you prefer. If you prefer the solo time to be at one with your thoughts, push yourself to try a team sport or a running group and you may find the social aspect and group dynamic surprisingly motivating. Or, if you’ve always played on a volleyball team, for example, explore activities that focus on the individual and you may find it does indeed offer you something that group workouts don’t. After all, your A-type personality may automatically be drawn to Spinning and the like, but you could maybe also use the mental health benefits that comes from practicing something gentle, such as tai chi.

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  • Like the article also like the strategies, but they are for people with money , how often can you make travel plans. My strategy is to look good feel good and exercise,
    they are all linked to each other, in my opnion. Not every body will agree with me , but give it a try. Exercise part you have to take care of , as far as looking good is concerned let me help you . Go to ,see you are feeling good

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