NEUTROGENA AGELESS INTENSIVES Deep Wrinkle Filler Tester Program: Our Readers’ Results

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In October we reached out to you, our beauty-savvy Lipstick Powder N Paint readers, asking if you would be interested in test driving NEUTROGENA® AGELESS INTENSIVES™ Deep Wrinkle Filler and provide honest and unbiased feedback. Wow, were we amazed by the response! Hundreds of you contacted us asking if you could try this product; we had a very hard time choosing only 100 ladies.

NEUTROGENA® AGELESS INTENSIVES™ Deep Wrinkle Filler helps women, like us, instantly improve the visible signs of aging and discover more radiant, youthful skin over time. It is also the first NEUTROGENA® wrinkle filler to utilize a targeted tip to ensure precise application and maximum coverage. This super-product works continuously to diminish and smooth the appearance of crow’s feet, deep forehead wrinkles and laugh lines.

So the question is…did our testers love this product? Well, you’ll just have to read on to find out.

Our testers were asked to rate the following product traits, using the scale shown below.

Liked a lot = 43% Liked a little = 18% Neutral = 33% Disliked a little = 6% Disliked a lot = 0%

Liked a lot = 64% Liked a little = 26% Neutral = 7% Disliked a little = 2% Disliked a lot = 1%

Liked a lot = 65% Liked a little = 24% Neutral = 10% Disliked a little = 0% Disliked a lot = 1%

Liked a lot = 30% Liked a little = 23% Neutral = 28% Disliked a little = 12% Disliked a lot = 7%

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the scent. I thought it would be nasty but it was nice! Light and fresh. I also did not experience any negative side effects!” Anita M.

“I did not like the way you have to pull off the top off the tube. Would rather it was a twist off.” Lynn B.

“There was very little scent, which I appreciated because it wouldn’t interfere with my perfume.” Kymberley S.

“I liked it being in a tube and the slim applicator dispersed the right amount all the time, but the cap was too slim and smooth to grasp if fingers were not dry. Cap snapped on well.” Frankie H.

“Really difficult to get the tip cover off.” Debbie T.

“I liked the smoothness of this product and my skin felt moisturized and refreshed afterward.” Geraldine D.

“I’m not a huge fan of the tube; the elongated, pointed cap threw me off a bit. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a dispenser or not. It’s awkward to remove at times too.” Max G.

“I enjoyed most aspects of the product overall but the tube is very reminiscent of a tube of Crazy-Glue or something of that nature. I did like that only a small amount comes out because the nozzle is so small but the overall look: looked too much like a hardware store product! Also, the snap down cap can be a little difficult to remove.” Maria C.

“The texture and consistency was light and absorbed quickly which I really liked as I don’t have a lot of time.” Janet P.

“I found the packaging a bit boring, could have been brighter.” Deborah M.

Were the product directions clear and easy to follow?

Yes: 96.8%
No: 3.1%

Did you do anything different from the application instructions provided?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“No, I followed instructions provided – 2 times per day for the full 4 weeks.” Melanie M.

“I usually rubbed the lotion in rather than dotting it on. I don’t understand how that would make a difference, and I’m usually in a hurry.” Michelle C.

“I didn’t quite dab it on the wrinkles; instead I smoothed it over the wrinkles.” Debbie T.

“I followed the instructions on the box.” Raimonda G.

What difference did you see in the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet or under-eye wrinkles after 4 weeks? Which was most diminished?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“I mostly used it under my eyes and found under-eye wrinkles to be mostly diminished.” Marissa B.

“I think that the area around the eye appeared slightly plumper and that made fine lines and crow’s feet diminish. I like that! Thankfully, I did not experience any redness or discomfort from using the product.” Maria C.

“All lines were minimized but more under and around my eyes. Even lines around my mouth were slightly less noticeable.” Anita M.

“I really haven’t noticed much of a difference in the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet or under-eye wrinkles.” Jeannie M.

“I think the fine lines definitely diminished. Deep ones – forgetaboutit!” Jane P.

“Almost all the smaller finer lines are gone; the bigger ones look filled in.” Deborah M.

“I found that the lines were less visible and also my crow’s feet weren’t as noticeable.” Angela M.

“They were definitely diminished and softened. I think it had the most effect on crow’s feet.” Jan P.

“The skin around my eyes seems tighter, and brighter. The fine lines and crow’s feet show up less than before, and I find it to be quite a noticeable change on the wrinkles under my eyes.” Lesley B.

“This was hard to tell to be honest. I felt that immediately after application there was a noticeable difference. But I didn’t always feel that it made a noticeable difference on an ongoing basis. I don’t know whether I need to use it for longer to see more results.” Lisa C.

What difference did you see in the appearance of deep wrinkles, brown spots or forehead wrinkles after 4 weeks? Which was most diminished?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“Forehead wrinkles appeared slightly better. I don’t have brown spots, and my deepest wrinkles are crow’s feet, which showed improvement.” Catherine G.

“I did not notice a huge difference in my forehead wrinkles…(they are horizontal and deep) but perhaps this is due to being self-critical as my boyfriend indicated he noticed my forehead looked smoother than before I started using the product. Interesting he noticed that the most over the under-eye area.” Sara B.

“Brown spot on my forehead seemed to be getting bigger until I began using it. It really stopped it from growing and now it looks like it may be actually getting smaller.’ Sheila T.

“I didn’t really have any deep wrinkles, but my brown spots are a bit lighter.” Laurie M.

“I saw little difference in the appearance of deeper lines around my mouth. I did not see a difference with brown spots, but the lines on my forehead seem to be less.” Juanita F.

“Forehead wrinkles were diminished greatly. Tried it also on my husband’s deeper forehead lines and his became not as deep. Didn’t put on my brown spots.” Heather L.

“While the lines on my forehead are still there, they are less pronounced after using the product. The lines appear finer.” Bonnie M.

“I noticed the biggest change on my forehead. It really did diminish my fine lines on the front of my forehead. A lot of my friends commented on my skins wonderful appearance!!” Lorie S.

“The only place that I found a difference was a reduction in the deep lines on either side of my mouth.” Karen H.

“Deep wrinkles subdued a little – it felt as if I was in control now – good feeling, let me tell you!” Lisa G.

Was there a difference in the texture of your skin after 4 weeks? If so, what?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“The texture seemed softer and fuller.” Carol F.

“Yes, my skin feels healthier and smoother.” Michelle R.

“I noticed a difference in texture, my appearance was firmer. I also had friends comment on my appearance.” Charissa B.

“My skin felt more oily, it is usually very dry. My husband thought my skin was smoother.” Judy W.

“I’m not sure I could confidently say that there was a noticeable change in the overall texture.” Jeannie O.

“The skin felt softer, smoother, and plumper.” Maria C.

“Yes, this is where I noticed a marked difference – my skin was much smoother and just felt better.” Kris C.

“Did not notice any difference in the texture of my skin.” Penny C.

“Yes, my skin feels silky smooth and has a rosy glow to it.” Janice C.

“I believe that my skin felt smoother in texture than before using the product.” Julie G.

How likely are you to continue using NEUTROGENA® AGELESS INTENSIVES™ Deep Wrinkle Filler?

Very likely: 35.1%
Somewhat likely: 30.8%
Neutral: 13.8%
Somewhat unlikely: 6.3%
Very unlikely: 13.8%

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“I was very impressed with it and felt better about myself when I looked in the mirror.” Anita M.

“I would like to see if results will develop over a longer period of use.” Rosa C.

“I will finish the product – but I don’t think I would buy it (I hope you want us to be completely honest!) I use other Neutrogena products – it’s just that I’m sure this product is quite expensive – and I don’t think that the results I got were that good.” Kris C.

“I will keep buying!” Paulina S.

“I am going to continue the treatment and buy another tube to see if there is more of a difference with a longer treatment.” Karen F.

“Unsure – I will continue to use it until it is done however, with wrinkles; we are all looking for the “miracle” cream that will give us instant gratification. Not sure this product accomplished this.” Jeannie O.

“Loved this product.” Janice C.

“Because it worked so well around my eyes, I will continue to use Neutrogena Ageless, with the hope that with more time it will make a difference to the heavier lines around my mouth.” Juanita F.

“Rather too expensive for me and the results were not dramatic enough to spend the extra cash.” Agnes M.

“I would like to see if more of a difference is noticeable after 8 weeks or more as opposed to 4 weeks.” Sharry F.

How likely is it that you will recommend NEUTROGENA® AGELESS INTENSIVES™ Deep Wrinkle Filler to a friend or colleague?

Very likely: 38.2%
Somewhat likely: 30.8%
Neutral: 12.7%
Somewhat unlikely: 7.4%
Very unlikely: 10.6%

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“For someone with more wrinkles or deeper wrinkles, I would suggest they try this product to see if it helps their skin texture and softness.” Maria C.

“One friend has already purchased it and is very happy with it.” Patty H.

“I already told all my friends to get it.” Paulina S.

“I would recommend it to my husband.” Melanie A.

“Already did to my sister-in-law that was complaining about smile lines – she’s about 10 years younger than me.” Lisa H.

“I’ve already started recommending it!” Marissa B.

“I will be telling anyone who will listen to me.” Mary S.

“If something works for me I always spread the good news.” Irene M.

“I’m not likely to recommend this product to a friend because I didn’t see results myself.” Lisa C.

“Although I did not see a difference on me, I would recommend that a friend try Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Filler. What works for one person may not work for another.” Jeannie M.

NEUTROGENA® AGELESS INTENSIVES™ Deep Wrinkle Filler retails for under $30. How do you feel about the price?

Great price: 28.7%
Neutral: 42.5%
Too expensive: 28.7%
Other: 2.1%

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“This is a fair price for an anti-wrinkle product you can purchase at a drug store (compared to others like Olay Pro X or other more expensive, non-drug store creams).” Marissa B.

“I think this is on par pricing for comparable drugstore products; however I feel for a few dollars more you can purchase a far superior product at a cosmetic counter.” Lisa C.

“Seems like it would be more expensive.” Patty H.

“It’s worth every cent :).” Eniko G.

“I would say $20 to $25 is what l would be willing to pay for it. More if the results have been better.” Karen F.

“The price is not too bad.” Connie K.

“If I felt it was working to improve the appearance of my wrinkles, then I would pay the price. I think the product would last for some time as you only need a small amount each day.” Maria C.

“I think that’s too expensive for a Neutrogena product.” Rosa C.

“Great price for the amount of product – I feel it will last quite some time even using twice a day.” Sharry F.

“Wow!! Is that all. I really thought it would be way more. That is phenomenal.” Anita M.

Did the targeted tip help precise application and maximum coverage in your application?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“Yes, I really like the applicator although I felt like I was applying crack filler with a caulking gun (actually I was applying crack filler) It worked great!” Judy W.

“No. I felt that the tip was poorly designed and that applying it with my finger tip worked WAY way better.” Lynn S.

“Yes, the targeted tip helped dispense the right amount of product.” Sara B.

“I actually applied the product with my fingertips. I found it easier to use that way.” Heather S.

“The targeted tip does help with precise application.” Lori S.

“Yes, less came out and it was easier to apply to small areas of the face.” Tayna B.

“It provided control of amount that left the applicator. I often find that I squeeze out too much, so this definitely helped provide control.” Kymberley S.

“Sort of. I ended up using it to apply, but then smoothed with my fingers.” Vicky S.

“Yes – the targeted tip worked very well to dispense the product exactly where I wanted it to go. It was then easy to pat it in with a finger.” Elizabeth Y.

“Yes, I took the tip into consideration when using the product and the direct application was easy and it helped me get the coverage that I desired.” Crystal R.

Overall, what did you think about the NEUTROGENA AGELESS INTENSIVES Deep Wrinkle Filler?

Here are a few of our testers’ comments:

“I really liked it. There was not a huge difference but enough to make me want to keep using it.” Judy W.

“I was hoping to see more of a change in the deep wrinkles, but the results I did see were encouraging.” Melanie A.

“The product felt nice to use, but the strong scent was off-putting.” Elizabeth Y.

“The idea that a product like Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Filler would be an effective solution to wrinkles is wonderful. I like that the product is dermatologist tested, allergy tested, and that it is infused with retinol. While it did leave my skin soft, I really can’t say that I saw any difference in my wrinkles.” Jeannie M.

“If it was a little cheaper, I’d be excited because it really works. However I’m not sure, on my budget that I could afford to buy it as often as I’d want. It seems to run out faster than I thought.” Lesley B.

“Very good for sensitive skin. When I smell a product I can tell if my skin will react, that is how sensitive my skin is. It is very gentle. No redness either.” Lori S.

“Good product. Good results. Bad packaging. Would definitely consider buying it.” Marissa B.

“I must say I have had a few people ask me if I had some “work” done and that I looked fantastic. That’s enough to keep me using it!” Jan P.

“Overall, I like the fact that the product didn’t cause any redness nor was it overly drying or greasy. With my combination skin, I was afraid of that happening and was pleasantly surprised when it did not.” Jeannie O.

“I found it helpful and a nice way to pay attention to those wrinkles that I don’t realize are so prominent. Makes me feel like I look much more youthful!” Catherine G.

“I liked it and I do find it to be somewhat effective, but the results weren’t dramatic enough for me to actually purchase it after it runs out.” Max G.

“I think it is a good cream. I am very impressed. The scent and texture is very nice. Overall, I find that my skin is very soft and the finer wrinkles are softer.” Connie K.

“It was awesome!! I was nervous to use it at first since my skin is so sensitive. I had no problems at all and my skin looks fantastic!!” Lorie S.

“Really liked it, and appreciated the chance to try something I would not have normally purchased. Will recommend to friends and family, thanks!” Patty H.

What do you think about the results these testers shared? Have you tried this product? Do you agree with them? We want to know. Feel free to leave a comment.

* Please note that though we wanted to publish every single comment that our testers shared – it was not possible due to the length our article would have been. Every effort has been made to ensure a balanced number of positive and negative comments were included – where possible.

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