Glam Shellac Manicure For The Holidays

Glam Mani For The Holidays

Though red is usually our go-to colour for the holiday season, we thought that this custom-colour Shellac mani spoke to us. You likey?

The base is actually a deep grey (Asphalte) with an opalescent pink (Moonlight and Rose) layered on top. Our ring fingers were given an extra little bling with a sheer multi-coloured glitter (Zillionaire). The tips were also done in Shellac (Cream Puff) – we wondered if we should have gone with a black. Thoughts? Fianlly, a good old fashioned top coat was applied to ensure these puppies stayed intact for quite some time – and they did!

So, what do you think? Holiday-ish? Not bling enough? We want to know!


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  • Is is quite surprising how great it looks!
    If you just wonder about the colors, it won’t be glam, tho when you see it, then you can see how glam it is.
    Good idea, i love bling, but that one is very chic! I am too wondering about black, but it would be a bit homo, or no, hehe

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