Cutest. Tweezers. Ever.

Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezer

Well I think this post title really says it all.

Tweezerman is always coming up with funky designs for their products and partnering with stylin’ designers, but these Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezers ($30) have just got to be my fave. (I don’t know about you, but I only use Tweezerman tweezers. I have really baby-fine hairs that grow around my brows and I need Tweezerman’s precision tip to grab hold of them and rip them out. 🙂 )

These Japanese street style-inspired beauty tools are part of the Super Kawaii Style collection (Japanese for cute, loveable and adorable – I totally agree) that also include the perfect-for-your-purse mini matchbox nail files ($5), a compact mirror ($12), and mini slant tweezers ($18).

Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezer

Which Harajuku girl tweezer would you pick – Love, Angel, Music, Baby, or G? I am kinda gravitating towards G – cause I love me some blue, but I also am drawn to the lime green Music tweezers.

The Harajuku Lovers Designer Series is limited edition ladies, so be sure to pick these cuties up soon before they’re gone. They are available exclusively at Sephora.

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