What’s In My Bag: TIFF 2011 Must-Haves

What's in my TIFF bag

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has started! And my fellow Torontonians, can ya feel the excitement in the air?

I won’t lie; I was on high alert yesterday — eyes darting from side to side, in the hopes of spotting some celebrity hottie. Oh, and I came soooo close! Yup, Brad Pitt was in the SAME building as moi yesterday. When I heard he was on the premises, I wanted to run out of my event and go from floor to floor in search of him. Wanted to. Did not.

But enough of my semi-stalking escapades! 🙂

I’m pretty busy during TIFF and have been running all around the downtown core like a crazy lady. Here are my handbag must-haves during this insane time:

Large tote bag. A gal can never have too big a bag! It’s true. And with all the stuff one needs to cart around, or is given to cart around during film fest time, I need a large (but lightweight) and stylish bag. I was thrilled to be gifted this Old Navy (yes, Old Navy!!) bag at the Tastemakers Lounge this week.

Flats. Comfy shoes are a MUST during TIFF. I am on my feet pretty much all day, every day, so I choose to wear cute flats. These adorable little patent puppies are Halston Heritage and I just love them!

Sunglasses. The sun has actually made another appearance (YIPPEE) so I have to protect my peepers. These were a fab find: $69.99 at Winners – they’re Tory Burch! Nice.

iPhone. This multi-use tool is a must for any busy gal: phone, calendar, email, camera and voice recorder — it has it all! My dream is to bump into Ryan G today and get a snap of the two of us on the iPhone. Do ya think it’ll happen?

Lipstick. Even if the rest of my makeup melts away, my lips are going to ROCK. And, I am still lovin’ my CHANEL ‘stick, Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in #37 L’Exuberante. Ok, I know I said it was time to put away the fuchsia lipstick, but I will after TIFF. Promise!

Note Pad and Pen. For writing down notes from interviews, or perhaps an autograph or two?

Menchie’s V.I.P. Card. This could be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! The peeps at the Essentials Lounge gifted media these so that we
can get a much-needed energy boost with the help of Toronto’s BEST frozen yogurt. OMG it’s good! I’ll be there on Sat so say hi if you spot me!

Wallet. So I can bribe security guards (perhaps with my Menchie’s card) to let me into “official areas” and stalk celebs.

Lip Balm. I’ve got to keep my pout soft and supple…just in case. Right? This slim Lip Treats from Mereadesso does the job and doesn’t take up any room in my bag.

Hand Sanitizer. I’m a germaphobe (not on a Howie level) so carry this Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer with me where ever I go. Nuff said.

Fragrance. I just like to smell pretty. 🙂 And can you guess which one I am carrying? It’s my sig scent.

Blotters. I don’t know about you but I’ve got one heck of an oily t-zone. Am I the only one? I NEED these Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Blotters (big time!) and they do a bang-up job.

Face Powder. And after blotting, I like to do a mini touch-up with my current fave: Maybelline New York FIT Me! Pressed Powder.

Water. And not just any water, Smart Water. I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve tried it and I REALLY like it. Since receiving a bottle at the Essentials Lounge, I’ve had a bottle with me at all times.

Hair goo. Ok, the John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer isn’t goo, but I had to come up with a catchy category name. I have a TON of baby hairs that stick straight up and ruin my sleek coiffed look. This super-wand keeps them totally in check.

Makeup pouch. This sweet little multi-coloured pouch is from mark and will hold my beauty essentials easily.

There you have it folks; this is what I am carrying with me each TIFF day. Feel free to ask to snoop in my bag when you see me (or not).

What would you carry with you?

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