How To Clean Your Hairbrush

how to clean your hairbrush

Ladies, be honest, how often do you clean your hairbrush? We bet not as often as you should.

On a daily basis, your brush collects dead skin cells, dirt, oils, dust — in addition to stray hairs. Pretty gross, right? And all of those lovely items are being transferred back onto your hair. But, do not fear, just give your brush a little tender loving care and it will be good to you and should last several years.

So, how often should we be cleaning our hairbrush? Greg May of Greg May Hair Architects salon in Toronto suggests once a week is fine.

First step is to remove all of the hair from it. This can be done with a comb.

Next, add of couple of drops of mild shampoo to a sink of lukewarm water and create some suds. Using soap can actually ruin your brushes bristles over time, due its high content of detergent, says Greg.

Dip your brush into the water and swish it around. You may also want to use your fingers to gently rub any remaining dirt from the bristles.

Rinse your brush with clean lukewarm water then give it a gentle shake to remove excess moisture and and let it dry, bristle side down on a towel or hanging over your sink.

Your brush is now all clean!

Greg recommends that we regularly inspect our hairbrush’s bristles, especially if they are nylon. Heat can melt or bend the bristles, which in turn can cause damage to our hair. If your brush has damaged bristles, throw it out and get yourself a new one.

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