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I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I am thrilled to say it! Since November 2010 I’ve been really watching what I pop into my mouth (most days) and exercising (who knew that would be helpful?), and have lost 60 lbs. But I’m still not at my goal weight.

One of the challenges I found during the past eight months was what to wear. Now you may think that’s kind of a strange concern, but when you’re going down mulitple sizes over a short-ish period of time, you don’t really want to spend too much money on clothes knowing that they’ll only fit you for a short time. So, I popped into my local Reitmans store for a little help choosing a couple of new pieces that would work with my new shape. Sale Associates, Eleanor Troiano and Diane Panella were there to give me a much needed helping hand.

Reitman's Outfit #1

Outfit #1:
• Striped cardigan, $36.
• Khaki tank, $12.
• White comfort capri (Petite), $36
• Necklace, $24 (and all jewellery is always 2 for 1!)

Reitman's Outfit #2

Outfit #2:
• Black dress, $46 (on sale from $56)
• Necklace, $22.

Oufit #3:
• Black and white print top, $36.
• Black cropped cargo pant, $36.

Oufit #4:
• Floral cardigan, $36 (on sale from $46)
• Khaki tank, $12.
• Green button front skirt, $30 (on sale from $40)

Having the lovely Reitmans’ fit experts work with me was fantastic. I tend to get frustrated very quickly when I shop alone and have been known to come home with ill-fitting items.

Some women ignore the tell-tale signs of poor fitting garments and some, sadly, are so used to clothes fitting poorly they don’t know the difference. But, we don’t want that to happen to you! To help you the next time you are doing a little shopping, Reitmans have provided us with the ten key signs of poor fitting clothes – and what those signs are telling you.

1. Off the shoulder. Shoulder seams on tops and jackets should sit on the edge of your shoulder; if they extend beyond your natural shoulder line, the garment is either too big or the wrong shape for your body.

2. The ill-fitting jacket. You should be able to button up a jacket, and lapels should sit flat across your chest; if not, the jacket is not a good shape for you.

3. No room to move. When a garment fits properly, it’s comfortable and easy to move in.

Waistlines on a skirt, for example, should be just loose enough so you can turn the skirt around while you’re wearing it.

4. Too much definition. Straight skirts that curve under buttocks and pants that ride up and define them aren’t just too small – they’re a bad fit. Straight skirts should hang straight from buttocks; most pants, with the exception of jeans, should hang straight from the hips.

5. The waist gape. If pants fit you everywhere but gape at the back of the waist, you may need a curvy fit: it contours into the waist while fitting comfortably over curvy hips and thighs.

6. You can’t bend comfortably. If you can’t bend your knees with ease, the leg of the pant is too narrow for you. Now check the back of the waist – if it drops significantly while knees are bent, you need a higher rise.

7. Awkward top lengths. If your stomach is revealed when you raise your arms, your top is too short for you unless, of course, the style is cropped. And longer-length tops need to fully cover hips, without pulling or hugging too snugly.

8. The bra strap reveal. Sleeveless dresses and tops should show off your arms, not your lingerie. If bra straps peek out, the cut is wrong for you, or the top is too big at your shoulders.

9. Pants with “smile lines” or “whiskers” at the front. Those unflattering folds of fabric mean that pants are either too big or the front rise is too long for your body. Try a size smaller, or a style with a shorter front rise.

10. Muffin top. A sign that pants are too small, it can also mean the style is the wrong shape for your body. If you’ve got curves, for example, avoid a straight fit pant and go for a curvy fit, which sits lower on the hips and will fit you at the waist.

Do you like shopping? Have you ever come home with ill-fitting clothes? And which of the Reitmans outfits do you think I came home with?

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  • Congratulations! I know how hard it is to lose weight and I agree that it’s hard to spend the money when you haven’t reached goal weight. This one of the reasons I recommend our Comfort Fit items. If you choose a snug fit it will still be a great fit when you go down a size. As for outfit choice, I think number 4 is the winner. I love the colour and the fact that you belted it! Look at that waist. The only thing missing is a necklace. Second choice fore is the dress. Always been a fave of mine. A nice bolero completes it for the cooler evenings. Also using colored necklace can add that pop of colour, if needed.

    Can’t wait to see you in some of our Fall outfits. : )

  • Congrats on your weight loss, I know the struggle, I am down 50 pounds and still not happy, I want to lose more but seem to be stalled. But I will get going again I’m sure.
    I think you came home with Outfit #1 and #4 Those 2 outfits will make 6 !!
    Happy Shoppping and I just might see you at Reitmans, it’s a great place to shop.
    p/s Isn’t it nice being able to walk PAST the “Short and Fat Shops” as I call them.

  • Congrats on the weight loss, you look fabulous…personally I like 1 and 3 because they are casual, easy to wear anywhere and my style….but all look great on you.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss and finding new clothes that make you feel good about how you feel and look.
    It can be a struggle sometimes trying to get to the weight you want and keeping it off.

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