Kitchen Chemistry: Ole Henriksen’s Beauty Tip

Happy August 1st, peeps!

Today we wanted to share with you this amazing beauty tidbit from the skincare God, Ole Henriksen. His firming ice cube mask is the perfect way to get gorgeous, glowing skin, and stay cool all at the same time – love it.  It’s even been said to be a natural “Botox” treatment.

Here’s what you need:

• 5 oz. of fresh lemon juice
• 5 oz. of strongly brewed rose hips tea
• 5 oz. of strongly brewed mint tea
• 5 oz. of vodka

Blend the ingredients together, and pour into an ice cube tray. One ice cube can be used several times, simply put back in the freezer after use. (We wonder if the left over would make a tasty cocktail?)

Use by placing the ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief, and let the active ingredients melt through the fabric. Glide across the entire face and throat for at least 2 minutes, and leave to absorb 100 per cent, before applying Truth Serum Collagen Booster and Herbal Day Crème.

For best results, Ole Henriksen recommends you use it at least 3-4 nights weekly.

Do like to try homemade skincare products? Will you try this one?

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