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Lesley Mirza
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You’ve chosen the reception venue, picked out the flowers, mailed the invitations and found an absolutely amazing dress, but have you thought about how you will be wearing your hair? Brennen Demelo, Rowenta Beauty stylist, shares his thoughts on how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your very special day.

Brides should feel and look angelic and pure on their wedding day, and as they walk down the aisle a soft hairstyle will take on that appearance. For a bride who is a bit more edgy, there are many ways to channel personal style while still looking “bridal”. For any style you choose, the key to looking fabulous while walking down the aisle is keeping the hair loose and minimizing the use of product.

Forced looks that require tons of product, such as over the top and stiff updos should be avoided. The bride doesn’t look like herself, and on her wedding day, she should look like her most beautiful self; her hair has a lot to do with that. Beware of overdone hairstyles for the bridesmaids as well. All the looks should naturally work together.

Hairstyles that incorporate a theme or compliment the style and feel of the dress are the perfect way to tie everything together. The current trend is wearing hair down, but in a polished way. Try a ‘clam’ wave, with hair tied back or on the side. This is a beautiful, yet controlled look, which is easy to maintain throughout the service. Afterwards the hair can be dropped down and let loose as you enjoy the reception.

Use as few bobby pins as possible. During the course of the day, they can begin to cause discomfort, and at the end of the night they take a lot of time to take out.

TIP: Angelic and natural looking hair channels softness and smooth lines. One of the key tools to getting silky hairstyles is a great flat iron with ceramic titanium coated plates (try the Rowenta Beauty Professional Titanium Ceramic Iron) to prolong the life of the iron while offering maximum protection for strands by preventing damage causing hot spots, to ensure that each bride has the healthiest head of hair for the big day. A high level of heat allows for the quickest and smoothest results as it gets the job done effectively so the bride can be ready to tackle the rest of her stressful morning with a little more ease.

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