Bio-Oil Isn’t Just For Pregnant Peeps


You’ve probably heard about Bio-Oil – it’s the best selling scar and stretch mark product in 11 countries. And yes, your pregger friends probably swear by it for rubbing on their growing bellies, but it can be used for so much more. Here are six head to toe beauty tricks using Bio-Oil:

Hair Treatment
Got split ends? Help control them by warming a small amount of Bio-Oil in the palm of your hands and then apply to the ends of your hair. This can also work for flyaways.

Eye Makeup Remover
Perfect for removing mascara (even waterproof) and helps to condition lashes.  Apply to a cotton ball and gently wipe over eye area.

Lip Balm
Keep your pout soft and smooth with Bio-oil by applying a small amount to your lips. Ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil create a non-greasy barrier and lock in moisture.

At-Home Spa Hydrating Facial Treatment
We just love this tip from Industry Expert Sandy Gold: Soak a facecloth in a bowl with warm water and 5 drops of Bio-Oil. Wring out the cloth, then lay it over your face and relax for several minutes. Skin feels rejuvenated, soft and hydrated.

Cuticle Treatment
Say bye-bye to dry cuticles. Apply to nails and cuticles at bedtime and wake up to softer cuticles over time.

Shaving Balm
Apply Bio-Oil to legs after shaving to soothe and lock in moisture; legs will look and feel softer and smoother.



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  • I’m glad you brought up Bio Oil. I have my bottle right next to me. It’s almost all mineral oil with so much other unpronounceable words. If you like mineral oil by yourself a bottle of baby oil. It’s much cheaper. I like more natural oils myself like olive oil. I didn’t find the Bio Oil effective. Mine’s going in the garbage right now, Mineral oil is toxic. Won’t put it on my babies either. This is one product that gets two thumbs down.

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