Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra


By Karen Kwan

Wearing the wrong size bra is more than a fashion faux-pas—it is bad for your health. If you’re in the wrong bra, you’re not giving your breasts the support they need and the Cooper’s ligaments (the connective tissue in the breast) can stretch and tear (causing your chest to droop), says Shana Tilbrook, co-owner of Tryst Lingerie in Toronto. Bad support can also cause you to experience back and shoulder pain. And thanks to friction and sweat that can occur when not wearing the right size, you may also experience cause skin irritation.

Which makes taking better care of your ta tas by getting properly fitted for a bra absolutely crucial. There are so many different styles and materials to choose from, not to mention different shapes of breasts, that you really do have to try on many styles and have a pro help you, says Shana.

Not sure if you’re wearing the wrong bra for you? Shana shared a few signs you are wearing the wrong size or style of bra.

– Horizonatal wrinkles across the front of the cups is usually a sign the straps are too loose.

– Vertical wrinkles across the cups is a sign that the back of the bra is too loose; but it may also be a sign that the cups are too large.

– Ill-fitting underwire. The underwire should cradle the breasts. If it’s digging into your breasts or on top of your breasts, or the wire is not resting on the sternum, you are in a bad bra for you. That said, “some women whose breasts are close together or whose breasts are pendulum-shaped, the wire will never rest on the sternum,” says Shana.

– The back of the bra rides up if the back of the bra is too big. It will level with the front of the bra if you wear the right size.

– Your breasts are spilling out over top of the cups. This “extra boob” spilling out overtop is a sign the cup is too small.

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