Who knew box colour could look so good?


By Lesley Ellen Mirza

Does anyone know what my real hair colour is?

In fact, do I even remember what it is?!

I’ve been colouring my hair since the year dot. At first, it was out of sheer boredom and wanting to spice up my look. Now, it’s pretty much out of necessity; to cover those pesky grey hairs that scream out to everyone “hey, she’s gettin’ old folks!”

Every four to five weeks, like clockwork, I can be found sitting in a salon chair, reading the latest fashion mag and having blobs of colour applied oh-so-expertly to my roots and then ends. I’m there for quite some time. I have a nice cuppa tea. Chat a bit. And then fork over wads of cash.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my salon, and the folks there are super nice and they do a great job. However, I’d love to spend that money on something else, but still on me!

In the past I have tried boxed hair colour and it was ok. The coverage was good but the whole process was messy and I usually ended up staining some part of my bathroom. (Have you ever tried getting hair colour out of grout? It’s a nightmare!)

In December, I attended an event for the new Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam ($9.99-$12.99). I was honestly thinking it was “just another permanent hair colour” until the PR gal—wearing a gorgeous cream knitted outfit—began colouring the model’s hair. She didn’t even use a protective smock, just the usual hair colouring gloves. Then I said HELLO! What’s this?!


This drip-free foam allows you to colour your hair at home without making the usual huge mess—or is that just moi? And to ensure perfect coverage from root to tip, the foam liquefies once it comes in contact with the natural oils on your head. And it stays there until you rinse it off. So smart Clairol!

I of course had to try it myself, but wanted a little support to ensure no mistakes were made—especially when choosing the right shade. So, I went straight to Luis Pacheco of Yorkville’s trendy salon, Hair on the Avenue, who is also Clairol’s Consulting Colourist.

Luis felt that I was HOT (my words…not really his J) as a redhead and that 6R Light Auburn would be a great choice for me. Perfect. I settled into the salon chair and waited for him to work his magic. But, he made me do the work…sheesh! To be honest, it was so easy to use this product that I really did not need any assistance. Luis stood and watched to ensure I coated my entire head—which I did, and we basically chatted and gossiped. So much fun!

Since colouring my hair with Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam, I have been receiving compliment after compliment. LOVE IT!

Who knew box colour could look so good?

Top image shows before (left) and after colouring hair.

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  • Hi there, I was a tester for this product and like you, I loved the colour results, the even, rich colour (grays covered!) and my hair was left very shiny and silky. But, and I’m very surprised you didn’t mention it…was this product STUNK! It is certainly the stinkiest home colour product I have ever used. YUCK! No, having said that, I will use it again because the result were great…but the smell oi vey LOL

    Wishing you a pleasant day, Lisa

  • Thanks for leaving a comment.

    I have to say that I have smelt worse hair colour products so it did not really bother me. But I can say, like you, that the results are awesome and I will be using the Nice n Easy foam again.

  • Is it possible to use this product for root touch-ups only? I have very little grey and only at the roots so I’d like a more economical solution than going to the salon. This sounds easy and not near as messy as other home colouring products, but how careful would I have to be about colour-matching if I’m only doing the roots?

  • Thanks Sarah for your question.

    I would say in all honesty that this product is not what you want to use for root touch-ups. But, I would definitely recommend Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up or L’Oreal Root Rescue. Both will cover grey in 10 mins and have a wide range of shades that will help you visit the salon a little less.

    Hope that helps.

  • It sure does, thanks for your response. I’ve tried the Clairol root touch-up and it was fairly simple and not too messy, but it didn’t cover well enough. Perhaps I just need to leave it on longer. Thanks again!

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