5 Instant Energy Boosters


By Karen Kwan

Feeling sluggish lately? Here are some simple energy boosters that’ll get you out of that slump and feeling fantastic.

1. Take a nap. A quick snooze is incredible for reinvigorating you. And although we’ve never worked anywhere where catnaps are permitted, if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere were naps are permitted, you should take advantage of catching some zzz’s when you can. Be sure to set your alarm clock, though—you don’t want to sleep more than 30 minutes; after half an hour of sleep, your body falls into a deeper state and when you wake up, you’ll just feel drowsy—ie. not in top form to do your job.

2. Have a drink of water. You may want to order a double-double or a soft drink, but what you should quench your thirst with is water. Often, when you’re feeling fatigued, you’re actually just dehydrated, which is why drinking water will help give you a boost.

3. Get up and get moving. Sitting hunched over your computer all day is bad for your health and getting out of your cubicle and moving about will get your circulation going and will act as a wakeup call. Use your lunch break to take a brisk walk outdoors, or take the stairs to get to the cafeteria.

4. Snack right. That chocolate doughnut may be calling your name, but all that sugar will only leave you crashing soon afterwards. Look for a snack with protein and carbs—a small handful of trail mix including nuts is a good option, or whole-grain crackers with some peanut butter makes a great energizing snack, too.

5. Practice deep breathing. The shallow breathing most of us do on a regular basis deprives our bodies of oxygen. When you’re feeling absolutely zonked, take just a few minutes from your stressful day to focus on deep, slow breaths to fuel your cells with oxygen, quiet your mind and help your circulation.

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