3 exercises that’ll improve your sex life


By Karen Kwan

If your agenda is to bring sexy back this Valentine’s Day, you may have invested in lacy underpinnings and aphrodisiac foods, but you may have overlooked focusing on fitness. Here, three exercises with benefits that’ll bring your sexcapades to new levels.

1. You can do these in the office, on the elevator or even on the subway. That’s the beauty of Kegel exercises. Named after doctor Arnold Kegel, these exercises strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles of the pelvic floor. A variety of factors, including age, childbirth, obesity or illness, can weaken these muscles, but the good news is that contracting your PC muscles on a regular basis will help strengthen them. Not sure what your PC muscles are? Next time you’re on the toilet doing a number one, stop your flow of pee midstream and focus on the muscles you used to do this. Those are your PC muscles and that contraction is what’s referred to as a Kegel. Practice your Kegels regulary and you’re on your way to experiencing stronger orgasms.

2. You may think that taking a striptease dance class (or another similar sensual type of workout) will spice things up in the bedroom merely by turning on your partner, but the workout will help you in many ways, too. Besides helping you become more agile and flexible–all useful for your sexual gymnastics between the sheets–you’ll become more confident and comfortable with seeing and thinking of yourself as sexy. And even if you do a playful performance for your boyfriend and you can’t pull off a sultry, come-hither look without giggling through your routine, at least you’ll be able have a good laugh about it–which is key to a healthy and uninhibited sexual relationship.

3. Think marathoners are all about scoring new personal bests? Perhaps, but it turns out they also score more often in the bedroom. A British study from 2010 found that running is linked to having a more active sex life–with one in 10 runners having sex once a day. And interestingly, it seems that their active sex lives can also help boost their race performance: according to Runner’s World magazine, women who have sex the night before a race perform better the next day. All in all, good enough reasons to dust off those sneakers and start a new running regime, wouldn’t you agree?

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