Is Romance Dead?


Lesley Ellen Mirza

Do guys text you for a date rather than calling? Can you count on one hand the number of times you received flowers? Ladies, is true romance dead?

Glamour Magazine and the peeps behind Ralph Lauren Romance teamed up to provide an inside look at modern day romance. 1,000 guys and gals (age 18+) were surveyed and here are the results:

TRUE LOVE: 9 in 10 adults believe in true love; this is equally believed among men and women, regardless of age and marital status.

FIRST ENCOUNTER: About 1 in every 9 married adults met their spouse online (12%); most people meet significant others through friends, family or at work.

FIRST CONTACT: Nearly 3 out of 4 single adults say 1-3 days is a reasonable amount of time to contact someone after obtaining their information; men were slightly more likely to say either the same day or the first week.

FRAGRANCE: 1 in 3 adults remember what fragrance their significant other was wearing on their first date (34%); among those single adults with a lucky date item, 73% of say that item is a fragrance.

COMMUNICATION: Phone calls are the preferred way to be contacted after a first date by both men and women, although men are far more likely to rely on technology. After the first date, 49% of men said text messaging is the preferred means of making contact and 29% said email.

COMPLIMENTS: 88% of men said the #1 compliment they would most like to receive is “you’re so funny,” however the compliment most desired by women is “you have a great smile.” (93%)

EXPRESSION: Men say “I love you” sooner than women, and are twice as likely as women to say “I love you” in the first week (19% vs. 10%). The number one thing men want to receive for Valentine’s Day is to hear “I love you.”

It seems that romance is flourishing. Do you agree?

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