8 foods that’ll stir up your sexual desire


By Karen Kwan

In the midst of planning a night of romance with your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Here are some aphrodisiac foods you might want to stock up on to help set the tone of your evening rendez-vous.

Chocolate: It’s never been scientifically proven to arouse sexual desire, but if you believe it and you find it makes you feel like having your way with your partner, dig in. Chocolate contains tryptophan (yes, the same thing that makes you feel dozy after turkey dinner at Thanksgiving), which is a component of serotonin (the sexual arousal chemical), and phenylethylamine (a stimulant that is released in the brain when people fall in love).

Caviar: Fish roe is high in zinc (as are oysters), which is said to help increase male libido—consider feeding your hubby a spoonful as an appetizer to get your evening started.

Honey: All sticky and sweet, it’s easy to see how this is considered an aphrodisiac. Also, given that it’s high in vitamin B and amino acids, honey is said to help boost energy and stamina—so you can keep those home fires burning long into the night.

Avocado: Besides, when halved, resembling a va-jay-jay—avocadoes are loaded with folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E and potassium and are said to help increase stamina and energy. So consider whipping up a side of guacamole for your date night.

Bananas: Sure, it’s got a phallic shape but bananas are also jam-packed with potassium and riboflavin, nutrients essential in testosterone production.

Chili peppers: Turn up the heat by tossing some chili peppers into whatever you’re cooking up for Valentine’s dinner. The capsaicin in the peppers will make you all hot and sweaty—and get your heart racing—before you even hit the sheets.

Papaya: This tropical fruit contains compounds that mimic estrogen and is said to increase female libido. Better yet, combine it with some banana (see above) for one sexy smoothie to help you get your groove on.

Garlic: Garlic breath is never appealing but don’t overlook this ingredient. It increases circulation and has a reputation for stirring up passion at the same time.

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