Daily Want, Need, Love: Maybelline The One by One Volum’ Express


WHAT: Maybelline The One by One Volum’ Express – big, flirty lashes with one sweep of the wand.

WHERE: Shoppers Drug Mart

PRICE: $9.49

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  • I am so fed up with all these mascara ads that promise the voluminous lashes that they advertise. Especially when all the models have false lash enhancement.
    Some of the companies are starting to put disclaimers stating that the model’s lashes have been “enhanced” or “eyelash inserts” have been applied. (and in very small print, I might add)
    Do they think that the consumer is ignorant and stupid to believe that these mascaras will give them the look in the ad??????
    These ads to me are very insulting to the consumer, let along pros in the industry!!!!

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