2011 Holiday Gift Guide: MEDIA ROOM

1. Make the flatscreen tv a smartypants with the Smart TV Upgrader box. This discreet box helps use the tv and the power of WIFI to make it easy to access files from computer, smart phone or digital camera, stream from movie/video on demand services, provide web surfing and access to LG Apps.

LG Smart TV Upgrader $99; www.bestbuy.ca.

2. Relive music’s past, but stay with the latest tech benefits with the Vandal Speaker dock. Sporting 80mm woofers and 19mm tweeters, this mp3 player is compatible with all Apple i-devices, but looks like it rolled out of the 1970s.

SkullCandy Vandal Speaker Dock $179.99; http://ca.skullcandy.com.

3. Never miss a minute of action with the Playfull video camera, which records 1080p HD video and can also do 5 megapixel still shots. And for us social-media savvy types, with a simple connect and click, the latest mini-video or image can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Kodak Playfull Video Camera $149.95; www.henrys.com.

4. Bye bye desktop, good-bye laptop, ta ta netbook – the early adopter has moved on to the HP Slate 500 tablet. Featuring multi-touch display, a VGA cam, 3 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM and can handle 1080p video streaming.

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC $799; www.hp.com/ca.

5. Get off the couch and compete with your bestie with the latest version of Kinect Sports Season Two. Two can play online, and now use your voice to keep command of the game, whether its football, golf, darts, baseball, skiing or tennis.

Xbox Kinect Sports Season Two $49.99; www.futureshop.ca.

6. Hear your fave tunes even better with the Freedom Exodus headphones. Engineered to capture the richest range of sound, these headphones feature intregrated Apple control buttons for iPod or iPhone – music to the ears of audiophiles.

Marley Freedom Exodus Headphones $169.99; www.futureshop.ca.

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