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  • try HCG diet, it is amazing and very very easy,the one I used is homeophaic and very safe ,if you need details I would love to share the info with you, you would drop about a pound a day easy breezy beautiful :0)

  • Since pork isn’t a red meat this must mean bacon is okay – I can’t think of anything you couldn’t add bacon to and make it taste better! 😉

    Good on you Ellen, I wish I had the will power to give up coke! (the drinking kind I mean)

    😉 Best, Lisamarie

  • Now I have this mental image of you sitting around gnawing on cardboard like a hamster 😉 I’m sorry but a life without bacon just isn’t a life worth living! All these restrictions aren’t a permanent thing are they?

    Best, Lisamarie

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