Embrace his face this Movember


    It’s Movember and as thousands of guys prepare to grow a moustache (Mo) to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Canada, thousands of women are looking for ways to deal with the irritation. Instead of dreading what grows under his nose, embrace his face and help your man make a difference.

    “For many Mo Bros, growing a moustache for Movember is something new. Naturally they are worried what the women in their life will think about the new look and how they will react to the first kiss with tickly lip whiskers,” says Josh Gardner, Schick Brand Manager, Energizer Canada. “As a proud partner of Movember, Schick wants to remind women that these courageous Mo Bros have taken inspirational action to change the face of men’s health. So don’t trash the ‘stache! The decision to grow a moustache to support men’s health and fight cancers affecting men should be rewarded!”

    Ok gals, I guess we need to show our guys a little support, Schick Hydro offers us the following tips to survive the 30 day testosterone growth-fest:

    • Get to know his Mo. Get comfortable with it. Touch it, feel it, love it!
    • Have a voice in his style choice. Help him choose a Mo that suits his style. Visit www.SchickMoPic.ca to upload a picture of your Mo Bro and personalize the Mo to match his growing capabilities
    • Steal the spotlight. Make sure you look your best. That will help take the focus off of him and help you feel better about stepping out on the town with your furry friend
    • Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a Mo, not a lip toque and he’s doing it for a good cause. Help keep his and your own Mo-mentum going by collecting donations to support PCC
    • Remind him to trim. Help keep his whiskers under control by reminding him that he must shave the rest of his face – no goatee or beard allowed
    • Try to reduce irritation (both yours and his). Your Mo Bro may experience discomfort or irritation within the first few days of growth. Remind him to start with a good shave and hang in there
    • Rent Smokey and the Bandit. Dinner and a show featuring someone who could really rock a Mo can help set the Mo-od
    • Get loud and stand proud. Be an advocate for your Mo Bro. Raise funds, help him trim, attend parties
    • Remember that the Mo has to go. Celebrate his success and help him shave it off December 1st

    Movember is the world’s largest charity event raising funds for cancer affecting men – specifically prostate cancer. Each November, Movember invites men across the globe to grow moustaches (or Mos) while raising funds and awareness for men’s health. Movember aims to forever change the face of men’s health, by raising awareness and funds that will reduce the number of preventable male deaths by cancer. For more information please visit www.movember.com.

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