Accessorize Your Way to Better Posture


    By Karen Kwan

    “Your posture is like your business card—it’s the first thing you notice about a person when they walk into a room,” says chiropractor Blessyl Buan.“While you’ll notice a woman’s outfit, it’s how she carries herself in that outfit that you notice more.”

    How to improve your posture? Forget walking with a book on top of your head. The key to standing tall is accessorizing, says Buan. Best of all, this strategy is easy on your pocketbook because you’re accessorizing in your mind’s eye. “It’s a bit like wearing sexy underwear—nobody knows you’re wearing it but yourself,” she says.

    Your three posture-perfecting accessories

    A statement necklace
    “Imagine that you’re wearing a chunky, statement necklace that you want to show off,” says Buan. To flaunt it, you’ll bring your chest forward, your shoulders back and keep your collarbone wide. Bonus: Opening up your chest will allow your voice to project as well.

    Chandelier earrings
    Picture a pair of absolutely gorgeous sparkling chandelier earrings dangling off your lobes. “You don’t want them buckling against your shoulders, so keep your ears away from your shoulders and lengthen your neck.”

    Crowning glory
    Carry yourself with a royal air by imagining a crown atop your head. If you gaze down and allow your chin to drop, the crown will shift forward, says Buan. Alternatively, overcompensate by looking upwards in a standoffish stance and the crown will fall back. The key is to keep your head level, in alignment with the invisible earrings and necklace you’ve got on.

    Virtually dressing yourself up with these three accessories will work at maintaining your alignment when you’re sitting, too, says Buan. And the benefits of standing tall, other than having a greater, more confident presence? “Good posture has many health benefits, from reducing tension in your neck and shoulders and reducing chronic headaches to improving your breathing,” says the Toronto-based chiropractor.

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