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By Elizabeth MacLean

Womanity is the latest fragrance offering from designer Thierry Mugler.

Womanity “epitomizes a new feminine force: the influence and energy of women coming together.” Mugler may never duplicate the incredible success he received with his innovative and industry-changing “Angel” of 1992, but in Womanity, he attempts to again break new ground. A faceted fragrance, Womanity is comprised of diametrical notes and unexpected bold combinations.

We would describe Womanity as dynamic, unexpected and complex. And three women we feel embody the fragrance are: Lady Gaga, Ellen Degeneres and Meryl Streep.

Lady Gaga, without question is dynamic – bold, flashy, and above-all conspicuous. Not timid or understated, she pefectly sums up the lively side of Womanity. Ellen Degeneres is unexpected in many ways: a surprising spokesperson for cosmetics; a mix of funny and serious and socially outspoken. Thirdly, Meryl Streep epitomizes the complex side of Womanity. From sweet to fearless to brash, this actress can conjure up any nuance or emotion conceivable.

For us, Womanity is a clever combination of opposite addictions: sweet and savoury. Like chocolate-covered pretzels that at first seem odd, the combination is irresistable and keeps you wanting more. A little out-of-the-ordinary and not for the timid, Womanity takes a little bit of every woman and combines all these qualities into a distinctive fragrance not to be ignored.

We’ve shared our thoughts on this new fragrance, now it’s your turn. Visit the Womanity microsite and express what Womanity means to you

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