5 ways to be a great breast friend


    By Karen Kwan

    We’ve already given you a refresher on how to show your tatas some TLC. Now, five more ways to reduce your breast cancer risk so you can stay in the pink.

    Modify your diet. Eat a wholesome, balanced diet (you know the drill: one that’s heavy on the fruits, veggies and whole grains, and light on the sugar and fat). Also, consider checking out the new book, The Pink Ribbon Diet co-authored by registered dietitian Mary Flynn and Nancy Verde Barr. Written specifically for breast cancer survivors looking to shed some weight and for women at risk of the disease, the book features a Mediterranean-inspired diet with recipes featuring ingredients linked to risk reduction.

    Skip the second round of drinks. A new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center published in the journal Breast Cancer Research confirms that drinking no more than one alcoholic drink daily is one factor that lowers your risk, regardless of family history of breast cancer.

    Get active. Another healthy behaviour confirmed in that University of Rochester study to lower breast cancer risk? Daily exercise lasting at least twenty minutes. Consider training for a race to ensure you’re working up a sweat regularly, and come race day, run it in celebration a friend or family member by sporting an HonorBib customized with their photo and your personal message.

    Quit the cigs. Maybe this new research will get you to butt out for good: In a study published in August in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, nicotine itself (as opposed to nicotine paired with the carcinogens that together make up cigarette smoking) and how it binds to certain molecular receptors in the body, was proven for the first time to be directly linked to encouraging the development of breast cancer.

    Shop pink. Take your pick from the sea of pink—there’s everything from Pink of Hearts OPI nail polish and an adorable Clinique keychain to a pink toolkit from Canadian Tire and Apollo Tools and a delicate charm bracelet from Payless–not to mention all of the products we’ve been highlighting in our Think Pink series. Your purchase helps raise money to fund critical breast cancer research, programs and initiatives.

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