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Gone are our bad hair days; no more fighting with frizz. We want luscious locks, and we want them now!

Salon Escape invited us to experience what it would feel like to have perfectly straight hair (like our hair-crush, Jennifer Aniston) using the latest in-salon service.

Starting at $90, the Keratin Complex Express Blow-Out infuses natural keratin, a powerfully rich protein, deep into the hair cuticle, making hair more manageable, noticeably softer and straighter, with added life and shine.

We were thrilled when, in just over an hour, our dysfunctional curls were converted to glossy and frizz-free poker-straight tresses! And our results will last for up to up to six weeks. You just gotta love that!

We asked for luscious locks, and now we have them!

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  • Well at $90 I hope so! I use lacoupe’s shine & smooth products which is far less expensive and does a fab job. Also, I can’t live without my orgnx moringa oil for both my daughter and myself. Unless it’s in a ponytail at night, it’s all frizzy in the am unless I use the orgnx oil. They rock!

  • Thanks for your comment Nicole. I have very wavy hair with tons of frizz; after this treatment (3 weeks ago) I don’t have to use ANY product in my hair. All I do is quickly blow-dry it and it’s super-shiny and straight, straight, straight!

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