Fact vs. Fiction: Common Dental Myths


    NYC cosmetic dentists, Dr. Marc Lowenberg, Dr. Gregg Lituchy and Dr. Brian Kantor dispel some common dental myths for us today.

      Myth: A hard-bristle toothbrush is best for removing tartar
      Fact: Brushing too vigorously with a hard-bristle brush may cause irritation and erosion of the gums

      Myth: Chewing gum is bad for your teeth
      Fact: Chewing stimulates saliva production which helps flush your mouth of foods and beverages that can stain teeth

      Myth: Whitening toothpastes bleach teeth
      Fact: They don’t. Whitening toothpaste alone is not strong enough to achieve a whiter smile – it must be used in conjunction with other at-home whitening products or as a follow up to an in-office whitening treatment

      Myth: Women shouldn’t get their teeth cleaned during pregnancy
      Fact: Pregnant women actually need three cleanings during their term. This is due to high estrogen levels which increase blood flow throughout the body, especially to gums, putting them at greater risk of gingivitis

      Myth: Brushing is as good as flossing
      Fact: Wrong! Flossing twice a day is necessary for clean gums and dislodges food that is stuck which can cause bad breath

      Myth: Candy causes cavities
      Fact: As an adult, as long as you brush and floss twice a day, candy does not necessarily cause cavities

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