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Have you ever wondered how celebrities get eyes that pop? We’ve got your answer. Besides employing the best makeup artists – no, we can’t afford them either – we like to think that they’re using the same mascara we are. Lancome‘s new Definicils Precious Cells High Definition Amplyfying Mascara ($34 / US 29)  is a mouthful, but you’ll be thanking us soon enough.

Using Madecassoside, an ingredient known for its strengthening properties, and Arginine, an amino acid known for its nourishing properties, your lashes will become stronger resulting in less lash-loss when removing eye makeup. The multi-faceted brush is designed to deliver the optimal amount of product, while providing lash-by-lash separation. Take your eyes to a whole new level – with beautifully defined, fuller and stronger lashes.

Available at Lancome counters across Canada and the U.S.

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