A Lesson in Lacquer


When making a first impression, the appearance of your hair and nails count. People can tell a lot about you by the extent of your grooming. Ragged, chipped or gnawed at nails won’t do.

The good news is that it is easy to give yourself a manicure at home in about 15 minutes. Here’s how:

1. Remove any old polish from your nails with Sally Hansen Moisturizing Formula Polish Remover For Dry, Brittle Nails ($3.99). It eliminates all traces of last week’s hue without over drying.

2. Shape and smooth nail edges with a good emery board like the Glass Nail File from Sephora ($10.00 / US $8.00). It cleans with water and lasts longer than traditional models. Make sure to file nails in only one direction to prevent splitting.

3. Soak nails in Almond Milk Bath from CND ($15.95) to soften the cuticles. This warm oil nourishes nails and conditions with jojoba, vitamin E and sweet smelling almond oil.

4. Pat nails dry with a clean towel, and gently push back your cuticles with a Manicure/Pedicure Stick from Tweezerman ($4.00).

5. Prime with a base coat. OPI’s Start-To-Finish Base Coat, Top Coat & Nail Strengthener ($17.50) is formaldehyde-free. Let it dry for a minute before beginning the next step.

6. With slow, even strokes start layering on your colour of choice. At the moment we are obsessed with Essie’s playa del platinum ($10.00 / US $8.00).

7. Prevent chipping and seal in colour with a topcoat. Addicted to Speed ($25.00 / US $20.00) from Deborah Lippmann has polish dry in five minutes flat.

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  • So following the advice above, I’d buy roughly $75 in products to give myself a mani. Hmmm – deal or not? (Of course I might be able to pamper myself w/ these products for several mani’s and throw in a pedi for fun.) I like this lesson in lacquer – but I’m lacking extra cash 🙂

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