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Dior’s DIORSHOW Brow Styler ($30 / US $28), it Cosmetics’s Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil (US $24) and Benefit Cosmetic’s instant brow pencil ($25 / US $20) are representing a new trend in cosmetics – the luxury, double ended eyebrow pencil.

The shape, colour and length of your brows influence your appearance – they frame the face and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Balance between thick and thin, unruly and overly manicured, and highly arched and no arch is difficult to achieve. Double ended eyebrow pencils offer the essentials – colour and shaping.

Pencils fills in sparse areas and any gaps you may have while giving brows a more polished feel. Both the DIORSHOW Brow Styler and Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil come in a universally flattering shade. The instant brow pencil has three hues to choose from (light, medium and dark). Light, feather-like strokes will give you the most natural look. Make sure to blend well to avoid clumps.

Spin the tool around for the spoolie tip. It’s great for blending and shaping. Gently sweep it over your brow after you have applied pencil to soften the look and make the colour uniform.

Your brows will thank you.

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