Blowout DIY: How to get the salon perfect blowout at home


    Blow drying your hair can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when we see the flare that the professionals put into it. Most styles these days are lived in, meaning that people want a great look with as little effort as possible.

    Whether your hair is long or short, thick, fine, damaged, stressed or healthy, choosing the right tools and products for your hair type will ensure great results.

    Keep in mind that the tips for drying straight hair differ from those for curly hair. Lets assume you have medium length, wavy hair and we want it smoothed out. Follow these step-by step-suggestions for silky smooth straight hair.

      1. First, ask your stylist to help you choose what products will work best for your hair type. Once you’ve got your products, start off by shampooing and conditioning your hair.

      2. Next, towel dry and apply a small amount of straight smoother. Starting from the nape of the neck, work towards the front hair line – this will ensure you don’t over use the product. When finished, distribute the product evenly using a brush or comb.

      “I, more often than not, reach for a Denman brush when smoothing hair when drying” says Lance Blanchette, a Joico International Artist and co-owner of The Lounge Hair Salon. “There are many imitations, but the quality is just not there. [It’s] benefit – smoother hair with less effort.”

      3. Choose the right dryer. There are many options when it comes to dryers, and there is a huge difference in the results. Ask your professional stylist about ionic dryers with high wattage. The main difference you will notice is the shorter drying time, followed by the healthy feel of your hair.

      4. Start at the fringe, and using your brush, brush your hair in one direction following it with your dryer. Make sure that you “point” the dryer from roots to end.

      “Do not dry the hair completely in one direction, switch hands and do the same thing in the opposite direction,” Lance says. “Switching hands will ensure that both sides sit nicely. If you don’t … one side will sit nicely and the other will not.”

      5. Move towards the back. For more volume wrap the hair forward and to the side. For less volume, wrap the hair down and back. Try to dry all the hair in unison. Ensure that you follow the brush to the very ends of the hair, as it’s always the ends that need extra attention.

      6. “In Toronto, I would protect my hair using Design Collections Humidity Blocker (by Joico) to keep the humidity out and style in,” says Lance. “Across the country, I would increase the shine of my hair with [a] sheer gloss serum and finish with a great workable spray.”

      When it comes to style, each day your hair will fall differently. Unlike many styles in the past, which where meant not to move thanks to tons of hairspray, styles today are meant to breathe, giving a light airy feeling to any look. Don’t be afraid to blowout your hair using professional techniques.

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