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If you’re a serum loving kind of gal – and let’s face it, if you follow beauty trends you know that serums add a wealth of benefits to your skincare regime – you’re going to love the new Clinique NEW Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector ($53.50 / US $44.50). Not only is this baby three serums in one, but it repairs UV damage with repair enzymes (patented by Clinique) by reversing and mending solar scars. The Wrinkle Reducing Polypeptide Technology boosts collagen production and maintains existing levels. And finally, free radical protection acts to prevent further damage.

The claim is that Clinique’ s newest addition is a de-aging serum formulated to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and to repair and help correct UV damage with results that are comparable to a dermatological laser treatment. All it takes is three drops, twice a day, in the comfort of your own home – what’s not to love?

Available at Clinique counters at The Bay in Canada and Macy’s in the U.S.

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