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rice-soap-black300 Eco-luxury brand THANN is focused on the harmony between quality dermatological science and being conscious of the environment. Formulated in Thailand, this line uses a uniquely Asian approach to well-being based on establishing a balance of body, spirit and mind. Rice Grain Soap with Charcoal and Rice Scrub ($9.00) is 100 percent paraben-free and packed with natural antioxidants, botanicals and exotic organic ingredients like Oryza Sativa (rice bran oil).

This gentle black bar of soap naturally detoxifies and cleanses the skin, while revitalizing it. Rice bran oil acts as an organic sunscreen, and plant essential oils impart moisture to parched pores. Charcoal helps protect against damaging free radicals and pollutants.

Exfoliation occurs thanks to rice extract that removes dead cells to reveal new, fresh skin. Slightly textured, the bar is mild and not abrasive.

The light scent is great for those who are sensitive, but not allergic, to strong or artificial fragrance. Shaped almost like a teardrop, the clever design makes it easy to grip and comfortable to use.

Feel good about washing impurities down the drain.

Available online at www.thann.ca, in select stores and spas nationwide and THANN concept stores in Ottawa

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  • I am totally in love with this brand! I first found it when I was travelling in Bangkok (THANN is huge over there), and sooooooo glad to see it in Canada. Congrats to Lipstick Powder N Paint for showcasing something NEW!

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