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The cold winter months that pushed our bare bodies into hibernation are gone! And now with the heat of the summer, it’s time to put away your fall wardrobe and bare a little more skin. Whether you’re wearing shorts, skirts, tank tops, or a polka dot bikini, you want smooth, hair-free legs, underarms and any other exposed parts. More skin on show equals more chance of hair exposure.

Leslie Ferranti, owner and operator of Darling Spa, says waxing is the most useful method for removing unwanted hair. “Wax is usually of two types: cold wax and hot wax. Waxing plucks hair from deep beneath the skin surface and the best thing is that it doesn’t need to be done as often as shaving or depilatories,” says Ferranti. “Waxing removes hair for long periods of time and hair that is waxed grows back finer.”

Waxing is accomplished by first spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. Then, a cloth or paper strip is pressed onto the wax and removed with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth.

VEET has released a new product line, called VEET Suprem’Essence, which includes a gel cream and wax strips. The VEET Suprem’Essence Hair Removal Gel Cream ($8.49 – $9.49, 200mL) leaves less prickly stubble than shaving. It takes three to six minutes for the cream to do its job and dissolve hair and though convenience is what drives women to try it out, it only removes about 70 per cent of hair. So, that trusty shaver will have to finish the job.

Waxing is great and definitely worth the pain – when the wax isn’t clumping. When you pull apart the two-sided VEET Suprem’Essence Wax Strips ($11.49 – $13.99, 18 strips), the wax unfortunately does not stay evenly distributed on both strips. The usable parts do indeed remove the hair they are supposed to, hair that if removed with a shaver comes back with a vengeance within a week.

Andrea Professionals Wax Strips for the Body ($10.99, 10 double-sided strips) remove hair without any mess and are simple to use. They grab hair from the root and it takes up to four weeks before stubble returns. These babies are as reliable and just as effective as hot wax. So take a deep breath, and rip it off!

Andrea Professionals Brazilian Hard Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin ($12.99, 113g) has been designed to obtain those salon-quality results at home. With the wax adhering to the hair and not your skin, it removes coarse, stubborn hairs – leaving behind smooth skin for up to four weeks.

If you’re not fond of the current bikini trends of removing it all down there, this one’s for you: Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle ($11.99) is a must-have beauty tool this summer. This waterproof, four-blade razor and battery-powered trimmer is safe to use in the shower. With three adjustable lengths, the trimmer is perfect if you want to go for the traditional triangle, landing strip or something even a little more risqué.

So whether you prefer waxing or the more traditional shaver, make time to tame your hair and get ready to model that glamourous swim suit.

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