Treat Those Tired Toes

red-door-4-photo-credit-anna-lisa-sang-1 What could be better than watching your favourite TV, nibbling on scrumptious homemade chocolate chip cookies, and drinking a refreshing cuppa – all while enjoying a 45 minute foot massage? Um, we’d have to say pretty much nothing.

Lucy Demma and Laira Thomas, operators of Che Bella Spa, created this heavenly experience for us and you can enjoy it too. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 7 and 11 p.m., spa-goers can be pampered at after-dinner oasis Red Door and enjoy a signature foot massage.

45 minute treatments are given by massage therapists ($55 per person, $100 per couple and $185 for a group of four) and include a hot foot oak and a tranquilizing therapeutic massage of the feet and legs.

Hey Torontonians, put your feet up and relax.

Photo: Anna Lisa Sang

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