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We love it when a brand we already admire — Neutrogena — develops a product line that gives us a flawless face and boosts it to the next level.

Neutrogena Clinical (from $39.99), is the new anti-aging skincare range that minimizes visible signs of collagen loss to help restore facial definition. How? By using the body’s electrical current to help fight the proof of aging (read: it plumps up skin for a more youthful appearance). Since the body naturally sends messages to its cells, Neutrogena Clinical simply acts like an electrical conductor. It physically stimulates the skin’s surface with moisture and boosts the movement of positively-charged ions, working to stimulate collagen production.

Now it’s been a while since we sat in science class, but we’re pretty sure that they’re onto something with the positive and negative ion charges. Since the system is quite easy to use, it’s definitely worth a try.

The two-step process consists of a gel serum and an activating cream. They cause the release of essential ion-mineral conductors that create a positive ion flow to minimize the signs of aging (wrinkles anyone?), improve skin tone, texture and resiliency. Choose from Total Anti-Aging System DAY, Total Anti-Aging System NIGHT, Total Anti-Aging System EYE or Total Anti-Aging System STARTER KIT – Day and Eye.

Sounds like an ‘A+’ to us.

Neutrogena Clinical
Available at Walmart and Walgreens across Canada and the USA.

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